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Asian Studies - China ChinaKnowledge
  " provides information about Chinese history and culture to a wide public, from academicians and highschool pupils to the interested 'layman'." The China Experience: China Culture Index
  From arts & crafts to people and architecture, this site provides a vast array of China culture links.
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Chinese Holidays Chinese Holidays
  Besides the Chinese New Year, what other holidays and festivals do the Chinese people celebrate or observe? This page tries to give you a rough idea of their names, dates, origins and customs surrounding them.
Chinese New Year Chinese New Year
  Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái (Happy New Year)! Do you want to know how the Chinese New Year came about, when it is each year, and what the customs there are pertaining to the New Year?
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Chinese Zodiac Chinese Zodiac
  A net friend recently asked me what animal is the year in which he was born. Well, I found this nice link that would answer the question. Check it out, please.
Chinese Fashion The Evolution and Revolution of Chinese Costume
  This site demonstrates Chinese clothing styles from 2000 B.C. to 1949.
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A Sample of Chinese Symbols Live in Style—the Fashionable Life of Beijing Youth
  This is an article by Hao Zhuo written for
A Sample of Chinese Symbols A Sample of Chinese Symbols
  Symbols provide another interesting aspect to the Chinese psyche. The Chinese often use sound and pictures to convey a meaning. For instance, bat is a symbol of happiness because the Chinese word "fu" as bat sounds as the same as the Chinese "fu" as happiness.
A Sample of Chinese Symbols Shanghai Posters
  Visit the gallery and learn the history and artists of these beautiful advertising posters displaying the unique blend of Chinese and Western cultures found in Shanghai, Hong Kong and other Chinese postal cities in the first half of last century.
A Sample of Chinese Symbols Chinese Marriage
  As China is a multi-ethnic nation with diverse cultures, what is presented here is but a portion of the many rituals and ceremonies observed by the Chinese of different ethnic and geographical backgrounds. Here is another list of practices.
A Sample of Chinese Symbols Chinese Etiquette & Protocol
  A comprehensive list of Chinese etiquette and protocal including human relations, basic concepts, greetings, dining, etc.
A Sample of Chinese SymbolsDestiny: the Culture of China
  "This site and its creators are NOT a site or people of politics, do NOT intend to deal with politics, hold NO view whatsoever in the field of politics, will IGNORE any mentionings of or viewpoints pertaining to poli tics, and do NOT know what politics is. In their view, politics has NOTHING to do with the celebration of Chinese land, culture, and language."

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