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* Library of Congress Pinyin Conversion Project
  "Pinyin is a system for writing the Chinese language in the Latin alphabet. It is used throughout the world, including by the United States government and by the news media.... The use of pinyin romanization by libraries should also facilitate the exchange of data with libraries internationally." - Library of Congress
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* Chinese Language Information Page
  A long-standing and comprehensive site of information on learning Chinese developed and maintained by Carlos McEvilly. You may find it very useful if you are interested in sinology and the Chinese language. You can even learn Chinese on the Web with audio aid.
* Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
  It is the Chinese counterpart of TOEFL.
* Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese
  I have updated it adding a "Parenting" category for adoptive parents per their request. A search engine is added to facilitate your search. The site does not cover everything, therefore, your feedback is very important to improve and add to it.
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* Online Chinese Tools
  "These pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language."
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* Chinese Classic Literature
  If you like to read classical Chinese novels like the Romance of Three Kingdoms, this is the site you should go. To read Chinese in Lynx you have to have a zwdos application installed in your machine. If you have access to a Sun machine with x-window, type "Mosaic-ln10.real &" (without the quotes) at the prompt, Choose Chinese fonts in Option menu.
* Map of Chinese Linguistic Groups
  This map gives a vivid description of the variety of dialects the Chinese people speak.
* Online English-Chinese Dictionary
  Title speaks for itself.
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* Animated Chinese Characters
  Watch how Chinese characters are written.
* Chinese Dialects
  This is a very enlightening view from Wing C. Ng.
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  The Best Chinese Language Learning Software 2013 (by Laurianne Sumerset)

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