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* Library of Congress Pinyin Conversion Project
  "Pinyin is a system for writing the Chinese language in the Latin alphabet. It is used throughout the world, including by the United States government and by the news media.... The use of pinyin romanization by libraries should also facilitate the exchange of data with libraries internationally." - Library of Congress
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* Chinese Language Information Page
  A long-standing and comprehensive site of information on learning Chinese developed and maintained by Carlos McEvilly. You may find it very useful if you are interested in sinology and the Chinese language. You can even learn Chinese on the Web with audio aid.
* Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK)
  It is the Chinese counterpart of TOEFL.
* Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese
  I have updated it adding a "Parenting" category for adoptive parents per their request. A search engine is added to facilitate your search. The site does not cover everything, therefore, your feedback is very important to improve and add to it.
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* Chinese Dialects
* Online Chinese Learning Tools
* Chinese Classic Literature

If you like to read classical Chinese novels like the Romance of Three Kingdoms, this is the site you should go. To read Chinese in Lynx you have to have a zwdos application installed in your machine. If you have access to a Sun machine with x-window, type "Mosaic-ln10.real &" (without the quotes) at the prompt, Choose Chinese fonts in Option menu.

* Chinese Etymology Newly added link
  This is a one man's project, but it is huge. It shows the forms and meanings of 60,000-80,000 Chinese characters collected in four classic Chinese dictionaries including the famous Shuowen jiezi, or literally, "Explaining and Analyzing Characters."
* Chinese Text Project
  The Chinese Text Project is a web-based e-text system designed to present ancient Chinese texts, particularly those relating to Chinese philosophy, in a well-structured and properly cross-referenced manner, making the most of the electronic medium to aid in the study and understanding of these texts.
Chinese Folklore
Chinese Proverbs Chinese Proverbs
  Each culture boasts a good library of proverbs which mirrors the life experience, physical and mental, of that culture. Humans are humans. The overall human experience may vary but little. Yet, undeniably, each culture is unique in many ways and proverbs provide us with a window to see the difference and the similarity.
Asian Studies - China Chinese Classics from CND
  You can enjoy Chinese classics including Shi Jing (The Classic of Odes,) 300 Tang Poems, The Three Kingdoms, Pilgrim to the West (The Monkey King) and many others with or without Chinese-reading software.
Asian Studies - China 300 Tang Poems
  A searchable site for the famous 300 Tang poems in English.

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