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Asian Studies - China Confucius Institute Online

This is the official Web site of the The Confucius Institute Headquarters, China. It has both Chinese and English interfaces, providing resources to meet demands of the people all over the world for information about learning Chinese language and culture.

Asian Studies - China Confucius (Kong Zi)
  An introduction of Confucius and his thinking.
  Related sites:
Asian Studies - ChinaReligion
Asian Studies - China Missionaries & Mandarins: the Jesuits in China
  Jesuits like Matteo Ricci and Adam Schall von Bell did a remarkable job of bringing western forms of knowledge to China and Chinese forms of thought to the West. Here is a link to the Vatican Exhibit Main Hall that tells visually this very important history of East meeting the West.
Asian Studies - China International DunHuang Project
  Dun Huang Grottoes is one of the world wonders lying on the Silk Road. The International Dunhuang Project (IDP) located in London is involved with the digitalization of Dunhuang material.
Asian Studies - China Chinese Art of War
  An arsenal of Sun Tzu's wisdoms on the art of war.
Asian Studies - China Chinese Feng Shui, I-Ching and More
  A very comprehensive resource list covering Feng Shui, Chinese Zodiac, Wu Hsing (Five Elements), Chan Meng (Dream Interpretation) and I Ching.
Asian Studies - China Online Bibliographies for Chinese Studies
  Bibliographies cover: reference works, history, geography, society, literature, philosophy and religion, art, area studies, medicine, gender and women studies, dictionaries, and miscellaneous subjects.
Asian Studies - China The National Bureau of Asian Research
  Here you can get AccessAsia databases, reviews and NBR analysis of China and other Asian countries.
Asian Studies - China Resources for East Asian Studies
  A great resource of East Asian studies that also include the studies of China, Japan and Korea. Provided by Pittsburg University, this site is organized under the subheadings of facts, subject guides, organizations, databases and topics on each of the regions.
Asian Studies - China Internet Guide for China Studies
  This is from the famous The World-Wide Web Virtual Library provided by the Australian National University (ANU). It offers a comprehensive info base about China.

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