Chinese Arts, Music and Performing Art

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The Art of Chinese Papercut Kuaiban (Clapper Story-telling)

There are many forms of story-telling. Telling a story in rhythem with the help of a pair of bamboo clappers. See a sample of the art presented by Dr. Jan Walls, a scholar and diplomat from Canada.

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The Art of Chinese Papercut Chinese Traditional Folk Arts and Crafts

A site that introduces some of the major Chinese traditional arts and crafts such as embroidery, cloisonne, jade, painting and laquerware.

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The Art of Chinese Papercut Chinese Papercutting
  This is an introduction to Chinese paper cutting available from Wikipedia
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Chinese Music Music of China
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  • Samples of Chinese Music, a site featuring samples Chinese music. To display Chinese characters correctly, calibrate the character encoding of your browser to Chinese Simplified (GB2312).
Beijing Opera A List of Traditioal Chinese Musical Instruments
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Modern Chinese Drama (Hua Ju) Ethnic Chinese Music

China has 56 officially recognized ethnic groups. Ethinc peoples other than the majority Han enjoy a rich history and variety of their own music tradtion.

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Beijing Opera Jingju (Beijing Opera)
  Jing Ju (Beijing Opera) is a traditional performing art of China, consisting of art forms of music, singing, dancing, pantomime, wushu (kungfu), acrobat, painting, costume, and etc. Like Chinese paintings, its beauty lies between realism and imagination and the engagement of the audience. this site.
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Modern Chinese Drama (Hua Ju) Modern Chinese Drama (Hua Ju)
  Different from traditional Chinese opera, it portrays the lives of common folks in realistic rendation. Therefore, it is more dialogues and actions than singing and dancing.
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* Chinese Dance
  Each of the 56 ethnci groups of China has a unique dance tradition. Here is a brief history of Chinese dances.
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* Lion Dance
  An introduction from Wikipedia.
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* Dragon Dance.
  Chinese have shown great belief and respect towards the dragon, and dragon dances are ways to express their reverage and good wishes so that dragons can bring them good luck.
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* Chinese Movie Database
  It's a Chinese language movies and TV programmes database. This site has three versions, in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English, covering production, cast and crew, awards and biographies, reviews, books and more.
* Chinese Teleplays
  A sketchy article from Wikipedia. Read this "Television in the People's Republic of China" article for more information.
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* Chinese Garden
  This is an article from Wikipedia
* Traditinoal Chinese Architecture
  This is an article from Wikipedia.
* Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a form of art as well as a physical and mental exercise, the practice of which is believed to have a healing effect. As a matter of fact, quite a few calligraphers enjoyed longevity.

* Chinese Painting
  It is to be noted that classical Chinese paintings consist of the image itself and calligraphy in the form of a poem descibing it. It won't be complete with a seal, another form of the Chinese art. A commercial site that features a Chinese female artist whose works of art are fabulous.
* Chinese Tea
  I know you are quite familiar with the Chinese tea. Here is a link that introduces you to the Chinese art of tea-drinking.

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