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* Proverbs New
I have had this proverb Web site as long as I this one, but it's the first time that you can hear how each Chinese proverb in my collection being pronounced in Chinese.

* Teaching (K-12)
Some phrases a teacher can use in his or her classroom.

* Parenting
Adoptive parents now can learn to say "I love you," "I am your Mommy," "It's bed time," and "No, you may not date until you are thirty-five!"

* Greeting
How to say "Hi" in Chinese? What would you say when you are invited by a Chinese friend or vice versa? When introduced, how would you meet with your new Chinese friends? And finally, how to say "Bye"?

* Shopping
Shopping is fun but always full of adventure, especially in a different culture. How to strike a good deal and get what you want? A few Chinese may be able to help prevent you from being ripped off.

* Dining
Chinese food is yummy. Knowing a few Chinese expressions will make you enjoy your meals, and the more importantly, the experience all the more.

* Traveling
Do you hate package tour? With a little necessary Chinese vocabulary, you will be able to embark on your own tour of Chinese alleys and villages and come ever closer with the people you will meet.

* Time, Weather & Holidays
How to ask time, day, date, month, season and weather? Do you want to say some of the Chinese holidays and translations of some of the Western holidays such as Christmas?

* What & How
Here you will learn to say the what, who, where, when, why and how, basic structures that help you get on to a conversation.
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Tones of Chinese Pinyin

The numerals 1,2,3,4 at the end of each syllable stands for the different tones, 1 for the flat tone falling rising tone; 2, the rising tone level tone; 3, the falling-rising tone rising tone and 4, the falling tone falling tone. Absence of numerals represent light or no tone.

Here is a link to practice the tones.

For more information about Pinyin, visit my pinyin links.

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