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China.com ChinaConnectU
  ChinaConnectU is the online platform for all your China-related educational needs. It offers hundreds of articles; tools, tips, and materials for Chinese language and culture classes; and practical information for teachers, students, parents, travelers, and professionals.
China.comChinese Related Careers
  The Chinese Related Careers website was created by Professor Nick Kaldis of Binghamton University and a few of his students (see "contact us" section). This website is designed to be a resource for people on the path to finding a Chinese-related career.
China.com Chinese Links
  This directory of web sites is created by J. Becker, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Northern Iowa. "Here you will find lots of sites that can be helpful for you for learning more about China and the Chinese language and culture. Most sites link to others. If you find pages that are useful, please send them to me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the page."
China.comBest Chinese Websites
  website designed for students of Chinese and their teachers from University of NorthernIowa.
China.com China Index
  Index China, the web site dedicated to offer you all the information and linkages to China. Provides information and links for daily news, arts, economic, business, culture, recipe, history, medicine, politics, religions, travel , agriculture, import and export, picture and maps. For business, information is provided for China import and export, projects, investment and opportunities. All government and development web sites are available for search.
China.com China.com
  Where you can get news, finance, travel and business information on China.
China.com SinaNet.com
  Read Chinese news in English or Chinese with or without Chinese reading software. It has more than news.
China.com ChinaSite.com
  The "complete reference to China/Chinese-related web sites."
China.com China: an Inner Realm
  China, an Inner Realm is where one can explore fascinating facts pertaining to the land, culture, and language of the vast and diverse nation.
China.com People's Daily
  This is an English version of the People's Daily online.
China.com Greater China Kaleidoscope
  Greater China include Mainland China, Taiwan, HongKong and Macau.
China.com China Quest
  If you are a teacher searching for themantic unit teaching ideas about China, this site is for you.
China.com Inside China
  A well-designed page for China-related news and discussion.
China.com China Education and Research Network
  Tsinghua (Qinghua, Ch'inghua) is also one of the top universities in China. This homepage is a pretty detailed presentation of the university, its people, and its enrionment.
China.com China Science & Technology Network
  (in Chinese)ChinaNet is a nation-wide Internet in China (china home page) , based on the World Bank supported project NCFC (The National Computing and Networking Facility of China). A 64Kbps dedicated link connects the ChinaNet, via Sprint International's router, to The NSFNET which is the main body of The Internet. Therefore, The ChinaNet is the China portion of The Global Internet.
China.com CHISA World Wide Web Server
  This is the electronic edition of China's Scholar Abroad Chinese Magazine, It has "News of the Week", "Economics", "Science & Technology", "Life & People", "News from the Hometown", "Random Talks", "Students Abroad" and "For your Services."
China.com Chinese Universities and Colleges
  This is an incomplete list of Chinese Colleges and Universities.
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