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Wallace Images

    Following is a list of Wallace images (mostly photo-portraits) published during his own time (and thus now post-copyright) that I have come across. Please note that I have not checked for multiple printings of the same photo. Also note that some of these photos may have been printed as left-to-right reversals. The Wallace images I have actually reproduced at this site come from: the book Darwinism, at age 66 ("Home" screen); the book My Life, at ages 25, 55 and 80 (the first, third and fourth alternate images to the "Home" screen); James Marchant, Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences (1916), in 1862, 1912 and 1913 (the second, eighth and ninth alternate images to the "Home" screen); C. W. Saleeby, The Cycle of Life According to Modern Science (1904), opp. p. 142--perhaps the reprint of an image on p. 937 of the Harper's New Monthly Magazine issue of November 1897 (the fifth alternate image to the "Home" screen); John Rothenstein, The Portrait Drawings of William Rothenstein 1889-1925 (1926), pl. XLII (the sixth alternate image to the "Home" screen); a Wallace interview published in the 20 January 1909 issue of The Woman Worker (the seventh alternate image to the "Home" screen); the book My Life, at age 30 (the "Wallace Writings" screen); and the book My Life, at age 46 (the "Wallace Interviews" screen). Many of the books I list in the "Writings on Wallace" section also contain photographs of Wallace, including some that are not among the ones itemized below.

    Doing an image search on Google.com is a good way quickly to come up with a lot of actual images of Wallace, though one cannot find electronic versions of some of the ones referred to below as yet.

    George Beccaloni has made available a considerable number of other Wallace images at his site.

Portraits Found in His Own Books (as portrait-frontispieces):

Portraits Found in Various Magazines and Journals (chronologically listed):

Portraits Found in Books and Annuals (chronologically listed):

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