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Wallace Obituaries

The following is a list of good-sized Wallace obituaries that appeared after his death. From some of these I have drawn short quotations that give some indication of the kind of esteem felt for Wallace at the end of his life.

Important:  The entries are followed, as possible or relevant (many of the pdfs are drawn directly or indirectly from the original hardcopy volumes), by their sources, coded by the source database and the institutional source of the original scans.  Codes for the databases are:  BHL (Biodiversity Heritage Library), CDL (Cornell Digital Library), GB (Google Books), HT (HathiTrust Digital Library, IA (Internet Archive), and TR (Trove, National Library of Australia).  Institutional codes should be self-evident.

In addition to the preceding, I have it on good authority (but have not had time to personally verify) that obituary notices appeared within days of his death (on 7 November 1913) in the following foreign newspapers: La Bataille Syndicaliste (Paris), Le Figaro (Paris) (8-11-13), Le Petit Bleu (Paris) (9-11-13), Le Temps (Paris) (9-11-13), L'Action (Paris) (9-11-13), L'Intransigeant (Paris) (9-11-13), Berliner Tageblatt (Berlin) (8-11-13), and Vossische Zeitung (Berlin) (8-11-13). Doubtlessly there were many others as well.

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