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Taxonomic/Systematic Writings of Alfred Russel Wallace

The following represents a compilation of, with links to full transcriptions of, all of the taxonomic/systematic works of Alfred Russel Wallace. Included are all works representing one kind or another of revision of individual forms, whether with a taxonomic or biogeographic emphasis. Not included are notes on the habits of various forms, philosophical discussions or essays, etc. (see the subject listing or the main bibliography of writings for these). The list is organized into four general groupings, with individual items within them set down chronologically. For additional bibliographic information see the main bibliography of writings. To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/TAXSYS.htm


Other Insects
Other Forms


    S16.  Description of a New Species of Ornithoptera. Ornithoptera brookiana. Wallace (1855).
   S42.  A Disputed Case of Priority in Nomenclature (1858).
   S74.  Notes on the Genus Iphias; With Descriptions of Two New Species From the Moluccas (1863). [with one color plate]
   S96.  On the Phenomena of Variation and Geographical Distribution as Illustrated by the Papilionidæ of the Malayan Region (1864/1865). [with eight color plates]
   117.  List of Lepidopterous Insects Collected at Takow, Formosa, by Mr. Robert Swinhoe (1866).
   127.  On the Pieridæ of the Indian and Australian Regions (1867). [with four color plates]
   145.  Notes on Eastern Butterflies (1869).
   147.  Notes on Eastern Butterflies (continued) (1869).
   148.  Notes on Eastern Butterflies (continued) (1869).

Other Insects  

    S135.  A Catalogue of the Cetoniidæ of the Malayan Archipelago, With Descriptions of the New Species (1867/1868). [with four color plates]
   S154.  Notes on the Localities Given in Longicornia Malayana, With an Estimate of the Comparative Value of the Collections Made at Each of Them (1869).
   S156.  Introductory Remarks. to A Catalogue of the Aculeate Hymenoptera and Ichneumonidæ of India and the Eastern Archipelago by Frederick Smith (1869/1873).


    S5.  On the Umbrella Bird (Cephalopterus ornatus), "Ueramimbé," L. G. (1850).
   S15.  On the Ornithology of Malacca (1855).
   S28.  Attempts at a Natural Arrangement of Birds (1856).
   S46.  Correction of an Important Error Affecting the Classification of the Psittacidæ (1859).
   S62.  On the Ornithology of Ceram and Waigiou (1861). [with one color plate]
   S68.  On Some New and Rare Birds From New Guinea (1862). [with three color plates]
   S69.  Descriptions of Three New Species of Pitta From the Moluccas (1862).
   S70.  On Some New Birds From the Northern Moluccas (1862).
   S71.  List of Birds From the Sula Islands (East of Celebes), With Descriptions of the New Species (1862). [with three color plates]
   S72.  List of Birds Collected in the Island of Bouru (One of the Moluccas), With Descriptions of the New Species (1863). [with three color plates]
   S73.  Note on Corvus senex, Garn. & Less., and Corvus fuscicapillus, G. R. Gray (1863).
   S75.  On the Proposed Change in Name of Gracula pectoralis (1863).
   S79.  The Bucerotidæ, or Hornbills (1863). [with one color plate]
   S80.  Notes on the Fruit-pigeons of the Genus Treron (1863).
   S84.  On the Identification of the Hirundo esculenta of Linnæus, With a Synopsis of the Described Species of Collocalia (1863).
   S85.  A List of the Birds Inhabiting the Islands of Timor, Flores, and Lombock, With Descriptions of the New Species (1863). [with one color plate]
   S89.  Remarks on the Habits, Distribution, and Affinities of the Genus Pitta (1864).
   S101.  Note on Astur griseiceps, Schlegel (1864). [with one color plate]
   S102.  On the Parrots of the Malayan Region, With Remarks on Their Habits, Distribution, and Affinities, And the Descriptions of Two New Species (1864). [with map]
   S112.  Descriptions of New Birds From the Malay Archipelago (1865). [with two color plates]
   S114.  On the Pigeons of the Malay Archipelago (1865). [with one color plate]
   S141.  On the Raptorial Birds of the Malay Archipelago (1868). [with one color plate]
   S142.  Corrections of, and Additions to, the Catalogue of the Raptorial Birds of the Malay Archipelago (1868).

Other Forms  

    S8.  On the Monkeys of the Amazon (1852).
   S12.  On Some Fishes Allied to Gymnotus (1853).
   S713.  Palm Trees of the Amazon and Their Uses (1853).
   S24.  On the Orang-utan or Mias of Borneo (1856).
   S109.  List of the Land Shells Collected by Mr. Wallace in the Malay Archipelago, With Descriptions of the New Species by Mr. Henry Adams (1865). [with one color plate]

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