Steven R. Wininger, Ph. D.


PSY 310 Educational Psychology
Course Materials
Teacher education recommendation forms
Note. If you plan on asking me for a recommendation please do so after completing my course.
Section feedback questions
Specific learning objectives


(CEBS Policy & Form; Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System)
   Attention (attention domains)
   Formative assessment (definition & examples)

(Informed Consent)


    Ideal teacher
    Article critique questions
    Practice research article
    Research article extra credit
    Cluster 3 questions

Critical Performances:
    Piaget & Motivation
    Electronic portfolio website

   Section I
Three reading methods
Five notetaking methods
Generic questions

Cognition overview figure
Piaget handout
   Section II
Classical conditioning handout
Operant conditioning handout
Learning terminology handout
Reinforcement schedules
Cooperative discipline article
Cooperative discipline handouts
Emotion table
   Section III
Self-Determination Continuum
SDT summary handout
Attribution handout
Attribution worksheet
Achievement goal types handout
Maslow's 1943 Article
Self-Regulation Model
Time management tips
Teacher motivation website
   Section IV
Anatomy of a research article
Reading journal articles (see pages 3-4)

Bloom's taxonomy
Assessment typology worksheet
Test formats handout
Test taking strategies
Item difficulty & discrimination practice worksheet
First instinct myth (Kruger, 2005)

Websites of interest:

American Education Research Association 
APA Top 20 Principles
Article on Learning Styles
Article on Neuromythologies 
Evaluating Internet Resources
Kentucky Department of Education
National Council on Measurement in Education
NPR's Science Friday
Organizing Instruction
TED Talk on Learning Styles