Steve R. Wininger, Ph. D.


PSY 412 Motivation
Course Materials

Specific learning objectives
   OCE #1 (Learned Helplessness)
   OCE #2 (Cognitive Dissonance)
Project directions
   Forms for data collection
Quiz I

Section I
Drive Theory Worksheet
Physiological needs handout
Gate Control Theory of Pain

Section II
SDT continuum handout
SDT summary handout
SDT motivation subtypes worksheet
Operant conditioning handout

Section III
3 Dimensions of attributions handout
Attribution handout

Section IV
Emotion table
Physiology of Stress Handout
Parasympathetic vs. Sympathetic NS
Maslow's 1943 article

Paper for PSY412G students

Websites of interest:
California State University, Northridge Motivation Course Webpage

Evaluating Internet Resources
Self-Determination Theory