Steven R. Wininger, Ph. D.


PSY 412 Motivation
Course Materials

Specific learning objectives
   OCE #1 (Learned Helplessness)
   OCE #2 (Cognitive Dissonance)
Project directions
   Forms for data collection
Quiz I
Honor's assignment

Section I
Drive Theory Worksheet
Instinct vs. Drive FYI PP slide
Physiological needs questions
Gate Control Theory of Pain

Section II
SDT continuum handout
SDT summary handout
SDT motivation subtypes worksheet
Operant conditioning handout

Section III
3 Dimensions of attributions handout
Attribution handout
Attribution worksheet

Section IV
Emotion table
Physiology of Stress Handout
Parasympathetic vs. Sympathetic NS
Maslow's 1943 article

Paper for PSY412G students

Websites of interest:
California State University, Northridge Motivation Course Webpage

Evaluating Internet Resources
Self-Determination Theory