Steven R. Wininger, Ph. D.


PSY 340, Sport Psychology

Syllabus 340
Syllabus 340 HON
Tentative course outline
Specific learning objectives

Project descriptions & instructions
Performance comparison
Psychological benefits of exercise

Questions for research articles

PST ch. 11 questions
Problems in sport questions
Youth sport persuasive paragraph


Research Methods & Statistics
How to read a research article (2004)
Threats to validity
Mediator vs. Moderator (2011)
Moderator/mediator handout
Mediator vs. Moderator YouTube Videos #1 & #2
Brief statistics primer
Brief Statistics Review Articles
Primer on effect sizes (2009; pp. 532-533 & 536-537)
Calculating effect size
Select Methods & Stats PP slides
Practice quiz

Psychological skills training
Keys to implementing a successful PST program
Sport psychological skills inventory

Attentional focus & concentration
Cognitive orientations in marathon running (1998)*
Models of attentional focus

Arousal, stress, & anxiety
Catastrophe model
Arousal/anxiety & performance theories extra practice
Parasympathetic & sympathetic nervous systems
Competitive reflections handout
Stress management and athletic performance (1993)*
Stress interventions

Common uses of imagery
Implementing successful imagery training

Self-confidence & self-fulfilling prophecy PP slides
Self-confidence scale
Self-fulfilling prophecy recommendations

Group Processes Quiz (i.e. Quiz II)
Non-verbal communication

Maury Wills' story
Motivation PP slides
Exercise motivation: A cross sectional analysis (2010)*
Attribution handout
Goal setting PP slides
Parental physical activity: Exploring the role of social support (2010)*
Monitoring, evaluation, & stages PP slides
Capturing naturally occurring superior performance (2007)

Psychological outcomes & exercise
Exercise intensity PP slides
Effects of 72 hours of exercise abstinence (2008)*
Walking your way to a bigger brain

Problematic behaviors
Problem behaviors PP slides
Sports and character development (2006)

Youth sport
Youth sport PP slides
Volunteer youth sport coaches’ perspectives (2005)
Dingbats, dodos, and doozies (2006)
Websites of interest:

Association for Applied Sport Psychology
Division 47 of APA 
Evaluating Internet Resources
North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
National Alliance for Youth Sport
Human Kinetics Publisher
23 & 1/2 hours