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English Chinese Pronunciation Sound
(It's) windy gua1 feng1
(You're) punctual. hen3 zhun3 sh2i
afternoon xia4 wu3
an hour yi2 ge4 xiao3 shi2
April si4 yue4
say New Year greetings bai4 Nian2
August ba1 yue4
celebrate Chinese New Year guo4 Nian2
Christmas Sheng4 Dan4 Jie2
clear qing2 tian1
cloudy yin1 tian1
day after tomorrow, the hou4 tian1
day before yesterday, the qian2 tian1
December shi2 er4 yue4
early evening bang1 wan3
early morning zao3 chen2
evening wan3 shang4
fall (autumn) qiu1 tian1
February er4 yue4
five forty-five wu3 dian3 san1 ke4
foggy you3 wu4
four fifteen si4 dian3 yi2 ke4
Friday xing1 qi1 wu3
gift, present li3 pin3
Happy New Year! Xin1 Nian2 Kuai4 Le4!
have a day-off xie1 ban1
Hurry up; we're late! Kuai4 dianr3; wo3 men wan3 le.
I can't wait until summer. Wo3 bu4 neng2 deng3 dao4 xia4 tian1.
I have to go home now. Wo3 dei3 hui2 jia1 le.
I've got to go; it's late. Wo3 dei3 zou3 le; tian1 wan3 le.
It's a bit late. Tian1 bu4 zao3 le.
It's April the twenty-sixth. Jin1 tian1 shi4 si4 yue4 er4 shi2 liu4 ri4.
It's in time. hen3 ji2 shi2.
It's March the eighth. San1 yue4 ba1 hao4.
It's Monday today. Jin1 tian1 shi4 xing1 qi1 yi1.
It's on time. Shi2 jian1 zheng4 hao3.
It's spring. Xian4 zai4 shi4 chun1 tian1.
It's still early. Hai2 zao3 zhe ne.
It's ten to two. Cha4 shi2 fen1 liang3 dian3.
It's too late. Tai4 wan3 le.
January yi1 yue4
July qi1 yue4
June liu4 yue4
lunch break wu3 xiu1
March san1 yue4
May wu3 yue4
May 1st Labor Day Wu3 Yi1 Lao2 Dong4 Jie2
Mid-Autumn Festival Zhong1 Qiu1 Jie2
mid-night wu3 ye4
morning shang4 wu3
Mother's Day Mu3 Qin1 Jie2
National Day Guo2 Qing4 Jie2
New Year Yuan2 Dan4
night shen1 ye4
noon zhong1 wu3
November shi2 yi1 yue4
October shi2 yue4
on vacation fang4 jia4
one o'clock yi1 dian3 le
Please, wake up! Qiu2 qiu ni3 le, xing3 lai2 ba.
public holiday gong1 xiu1 ri4
raining xia4 yu3
Saturday xing1 qi1 liu4
September jiu3 yue4
snowing xia4 xue3
Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) Chun1 Jie2
summer xia4 tian1
summer vacation shu3 jia4
Sunday xing1 qi1 ri4
Thanksgiving Gan3 En1 Jie2
three thirty san1 dian3 ban4
Thursday xing1 qi1 si4
today jin1 tian1
tomorrow ming2 tian1
Tuesday xing1 qi1 er4
Twelve sharp. Shi2 er4 dian3 zheng3
two days after tomorrow da4 hou4 tian1
two days before yesterday da4 qian2 tian1
two five Liang3 dian3 wu3 fen1.
two hours and five minutes liang3 ge4 xiao3 shi2 ling2 wu5 fen1
Valentine's Day Qing2 Ren2 Jie2
Want to go out tonight? Jin1 wan3 xiang3 chu1 qu4 ma?
Wednesday xing1 qi1 san1
weekdays ping2 ri4
weekend zhou1 mo4
What month is it? Xian4 zai4 shi4 ji3 yue4 fen4?
What time is it? Ji3 dian3 le?
What's day today? Jin1 tian1 shi4 xing1 qi1 ji3?
What's the date today? Jin1 tian1 shi4 ji3 hao4?
What's the season? Xian4 zai4 shi4 shen2 me ji4 jie2?
What's the weather today? Jin1 tian1 tian1 qi4 zen3 me yang4?
winter dong1 tian1
winter vacation han2 jia4
Wish you good fortune! Gong1 Xi3 Fa1 Cai2
yesterday zuo2 tian1
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Tones of Chinese Pinyin

The numerals 1,2,3,4 at the end of each syllable stands for the different tones, 1 for the flat tone falling rising tone; 2, the rising tone level tone; 3, the falling-rising tone rising tone and 4, the falling tone falling tone. Absence of numerals represent light or no tone.

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