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English Chinese Pronunciation Sound
a Chinese cent fen1
a Chinese dime jiao3
a Chinese dollar yuan2
a hat yi4 ding3 mao4 zi
a hundred thousand shi2 wan4
a kilogram yi4 gong1 jin1
a meter yi4 gong1 chi3
a scarf yi4 tiao2 fang1 jin1
Can I have it for a little bit less? Pian2 yi yi4 xie1 hao3 ma?
coisonne enamel jing3 tai4 lan2
department store bai3 huo4 shang1 dian4
eight ba1
eleven shi2 yi1
exchange rate dui4 huan4 luu4
Excuse me. Lao2 jia4.
extra large (size) te4 da4 hao4
five wu3
five hundred grams wu3 bai3 ke4
four si4
go downtown shang4 jie1
handcraft shou3 gong1 yi4 pin3
How much? Duo1 shao3 qian2?
I want to buy a bracelet. Wo3 mai3 yi4 zhi1 shou3 zhuo2.
I want to buy a silk tie. Wo3 xiang3 mai3 yi4 tiao2 zhen1 si1 ling3 dai4.
I want to buy this. Wo3 xiang3 mai3 zhei4 ge.
I want to have that. Wo3 xiang3 yao4 nei4 ge.
It fits well on you. Chuan1 qi3 lai2 hen3 he2 sh4i.
It is a good deal. Hen3 pian2 yi.
It is too big. Tai4 da4 le.
large (size) da4 hao4
Let's go and do some shopping. Dao4 shang1 dian4 guang4 yi guang4.
Let's go downtown. Shang4 jie1 zhuan4 yi zhuan4.
May I have a look at this? Ba3 zhe4 ge na2 gei3 wo3 kan4 kan.
May I try it on? Rang4 wo3 shi4 yi2 shi4 hao3 ma?
midium (size) zhong1 hao4
nine jiu3
No, not this one, but that one. Bu4, bu2 shi4 zhei4 ge, shi4 nai4 ge.
one yi1
one hundred yi4 bai3
one hundred and twenty-three yi4 bai3 er4 shi2 san1
one million yi4 bai3 wan2
one thousand yi4 qian1
one yuan and twenty-tree cents yi4 yuan2 er4 jiao3 san2 fen1
Please give me.... Qing3 ba3 ...(add object here) na2 gei3 wo3.
Reminbi (Chinese currency) ren2 min2 bi4
reversible embroidery shuang1 mian4 ci4 xiu4
seven qi1
silk zhen1 si1
six liu4
sixty-nine yuan and forty-eight cents liu4 shi2 jiu3 yuan2 si4 jiao3 ba1 fen1
small xiao3 hao4
super market zi4 xuan3 shi4 chang3
Sure. Bu2 xie4.
ten shi2
ten thousand yi2 wan4
Thank you. Xie4 xie.
Thank you very much. Duo1 xie4.
Thank you, I am just looking. Xie4 xie, wo3 zhi3 shi4 kan4 kan.
The color is too bright. Yan2 se4 tai4 yan4 le.
The pattern is very beautiful. Hua1 se4 mei3 guan1.
thirty san1 shi2
three san1
Too expensive Tai4 gui4 le.
tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang dynasty tang2 san1 cai3
twelve shi2 er4
twenty er4 shi2
two er4
US dollar mei3 yuan2
wax printing la4 ran3
What can I do for you? ni3 mai3 shen2 me?
What size? Duo2 da4 hao4?
What time do you close?
Shen2 me shi2 jian1 guan1 men2?
(kai1 men2)

You are welcome. Bu2 ke4 qi.
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Tones of Chinese Pinyin

The numerals 1,2,3,4 at the end of each syllable stands for the different tones, 1 for the flat tone falling rising tone; 2, the rising tone level tone; 3, the falling-rising tone rising tone and 4, the falling tone falling tone. Absence of numerals represent light or no tone.

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