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English Chinese Pronunciation Sound
(bus, train) station che1 zhan4
a double room shuang1 ren2 fang2 jian1
air ticket ji1 piao4
airliner ban1 ji1
airport ji1 chang3
At the intersection of West Street and North Road. Zai4 Xi1 Jie1 he2 Bei3 Lu4 de jiao1 jie1 chu4.
bathing beach hai3 bin1 yu4 chang3
book a ticket ding4 piao4
by boat cheng4 chuan2
By bus or on foot? Shi4 zuo4 che1 hai2 shi bu4 xing2?
check in ban4 li3 zhu4 dian4 shou3 xu4
check out ban4 li3 li2 dian4 shou3 xu4
consulate ling3 guan3
customs hai3 guan1
declare bao4 guan1
Excuse me, could you tell me where People's Park is? Qing3 wen4, Ren2 Min2 Gong1 Yuan2 zai4 na3 li3?
Fare, please. Da3 piao4.
flight hang2 ban1
get on a bus (get into a car, etc.) shang4 che1
get on board a plane deng1 ji1
Go straight ahead. Chao2 qian2 yi4 zhi2 zou3.
goods exempt from tax mian3 shui4 shang1 pin4
Great Wall, the Chang2 Cheng2
Grottoes, the Shi2 Ku1
guesthouse bin1 guan3
historical places li4 shi3 gu3 ji4
historical relics li4 shi3 wen2 wu4
hotel fan4 dian4
How can I get to the Great Wall Hotel? Dao4 Chang2 Cheng2 Fan4 Dian4 zen3 me zou3?
How long does it take to get there? Yao4 duo1 jiu3 cai2 neng2 dao4 na4 li3?
I am lost. Wo3 mi2 lu4 le.
Is there a post office nearby? Fu4 jin4 you3 you2 ju2 ma?
lounge (at airport) hou4 ji1 shi4
lounge (at railway station) hou4 che1 shi4
luggage xing2 li
On Beijing Road Zai4 Bei3 Jing1 Lu4 shang.
parking lot ting2 che1 chang3
passport hu4 zhao4
pay taxes shang4 shui4
Please don't park here. Qing2 bu2 yao4 ba3 che1 ting2 zai4 zhe4.
Please give me a single room. Qing3 gei3 wo3 kai1 yi2 ge4 dan1 jian1.
ride a bike (or by bike) qi2 zi4 xing2 che1
scenic spots feng1 jing3
Silk Road Si1 Chou2 Zhi1 Lu4
subway di4 tie3
take a bus (or by bus) zuo4 gong1 gong4 qi4 che1
take a taxi Zuo4 chu1 zu1 che1
take a taxi (more popular among young people, clone from Cantonese) da3 di1
Take the Number 1 bus and get off at the terminal. Cheng4 yi2 lu4 gong1 gong4 qi4 che1 dao4 tou2 xia4.
Terricota Soldiers & Horses, the Bing1 Ma3 Yong3
There is only ten munites' walk. Bu4 xing2 shi2 fen1 zhong1 jiu4 dao4 le.
Three Gorges of the Yangtze, the chang2 jiang1 san1 xia2
tour boat luu3 you2 chuan2
train ticket huo3 che1 piao4
Transfer to Bus 20 and get off at the Chang An Street. Dao4 er4 shi2 lu4 zai4 Chang2 An1 Jie1 xia4 che1.
travel agency luu3 xing2 she1
Turn left at the next block. Dao4 di4 er4 ge lu4 kou3 xiang4 zuo3 guai3.
Turn right at the next traffic light. Dao4 qian2 bian1 hong2 luu4 deng1 chu4 xiang4 you4 guai3
visa qian1 zheng4
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Tones of Chinese Pinyin

The numerals 1,2,3,4 at the end of each syllable stands for the different tones, 1 for the flat tone falling rising tone; 2, the rising tone level tone; 3, the falling-rising tone rising tone and 4, the falling tone falling tone. Absence of numerals represent light or no tone.

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