Ámbitos Feministas

Revista crítica multidisciplinar de la coalición Feministas Unidas Inc. 

Ámbitos Feministas

An annual peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of criticism pertinent to current feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies.

As the official journal of the coalition Feministas Unidas Inc. Ámbitos Feministas’ objective is to provide a new niche for feminist scholarship on current women writers and artists from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Latin America and the USA Latino World. With the support of an editorial board whose members have been selected for their highly regarded scholarship, representative of the different areas of the journal, or their prominence as writers, Ámbitos Feministas aims to foster critical exchanges on the current status of feminist studies in relationship to the creative work by contemporary Hispanic, Iberian, Luso and USA Latino women.

Editor: Carmen de Urioste (Arizona State University)

Editorial Board: Debra Castillo (Cornell University), Flavia Company (writer), Ana Corbalán (The University of Alabama), Margaret Jones (University of Kentucky), Beth E. Jörgensen (University of Rochester), Amy Kaminsky (University of Minnesota), Candyce Leonard (Wake Forest University), Magdalena Maíz Peña (Davidson College), Marina Mayoral (Universidad Complutense de Madrid; writer), Kathleen McNerney (West Virginia University), Nina Molinaro (University of Colorado at Boulder), Geraldine Nichols (University of Florida), Marielena Olivera (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Maria Payeras Grau (Universitat de les Illes Balears), Inmaculada Pertusa (Western Kentucky University), Diana Rebolledo (University of New Mexico), María Rey López (Metropolitan State University of Denver), Reina Roffé (writer), Ana Rueda (University of Kentucky; writer), Melissa Stewart (Western Kentucky University), Cynthia Tompkins (Arizona State University), Ivonne Gordon Vailakis (University of Redlands; writer), María A. Zanetta (The University of Akron).

Call for Papers (CFP pdf)

The editor of Ámbitos Feministas, a multidisciplinary journal of criticism pertinent to current feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies, invite unpublished critical essays in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on literature, film, art, plastic arts, music, gender studies, history, etc., relating to contemporary Hispanic/Luso/Latina women writers and artists. Original unpublished creative work (short stories, poetry) is also encouraged. The accepted papers will appear in the next annual fall volume. While we accept submissions at any time, in order to be considered for the Winter 2021 Issue, originals should arrive to our editorial office by June 31, 2021. Submit original and cover letter as Word attachments to the editor at carmen.urioste@asu.edu.

Editorial Guidelines for Submissions: A current membership to the coalition Feministas Unidas Inc. is required of all authors at the time of submission and must be kept until the end of the process. Membership information.

Manuscripts should be between 17-25 double-spaced pages in length, including all notes, as well as the Works Cited. They should be formatted using Times New Roman Size 12 and 1” margins.

For review purposes, originals should contain no reference to the author. Include a one page cover letter with author’s information: name, rank, academic affiliation, email, postal address, essay’s little, and a brief bio (8-10 lines) with latest publications.

Essays in Spanish, Portuguese or English need to conform to the most recent versions of the MLA Style Manual and the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers.

The end notes will be at the end of the essay, and they should not be inserted automatically. Please manually use numbers in superscript in the text and then refer to them in the end notes section.

Ámbitos Feministas CFP