Professional Meetings

FemUn at MLA, LASA, SAMLA,  and NeMLA meetings 


MLA Panels and Business Meeting 

Feministas Unidas Inc. meets once a year after the annual conventions of the Modern Language Association. Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called at any time. As a MLA allied organization, every year Feministas Unidas Inc. organizes and sponsors several sessions on topics of interest to the coalition. 

FemUn MLA Panel, New Orleans, January 9-14, 2025 CFP

Garantized Session. Celebrating the Transatlantic Feminist Legacy: African, American, Caribbean, Iberian, and Indigenous Expressions   
The interdisciplinary session delves into the dynamic contributions of women from various regions, spanning both the past and present, offering a comprehensive examination of their unique expressions within the transatlantic feminist narrative. This session aims to explore contemporary representations of historical women through tributes, adaptations, and recreations in diverse forms during the 21st century. It also highlights women's involvement in cultural, political, or resistance movements, such as the Harlem Renaissance, and their excellence in various associations and institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. In the 21st century, diverse expressions such as television series, statues, events, and books not only celebrate the past but also scrutinize how women's impact has been reinterpreted and celebrated today, resonating in contemporary society. The session seeks answers to questions about how these legacies are portrayed and the political messages they convey. It aims to provide an itinerary of these expressions, considering racial, social, and gender diversity in transatlantic feminism. 

Submissions of a 150-word abstract and a biography (in English or Spanish) should be sent to Ana I. Simón-Alegre (aisimon@adelphi) before Monday, March 18, 2024: Session: Feministas Unidas (2025 MLA Annual Convention) (

FemUn NeMLA Panel TBA

1.- Session: 

2.- Session: 

FemUn LASA, Bogotá, Colombia June 12-15,   2024.  

FemUn Session Gender and Feminist Studies: “Feminismos, género, migraciones y academias desde una perspectiva transatlántica”
Organizadora: Ana I. Simón Alegre (Assistant Professor, Adelphi University)
Chair: Vanesa Miseres (Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame)
Discussant: Benita Sampedro (Professor, Hofstra University) 

  • Entwined Pathways : Revealing Feminist Discourses, Power Structures, and Support Networks Among Women .Ana I. Simón Alegre (Assistant Professor, Adelphi University) & Elena Deanda-Camacho (Professor,Washington College).
  • Chilenas a las aulas y laboratorios: Un proceso incómodo. Verónica Ramírez Errázuriz (Assistant Professor,Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez).
  • Futuros posibles y el re-encantamiento del mundo en la imaginación anarquista, queer y decolonial. Catarinavon Wedemeyer (Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Jena, Germany).
  • Radiografía de una subversión de la “india permitida.” Retratos de Elisa Loncón en la prensa. MagdalenaOlivares (Lecturer, McDaniel College).
  • Latinx Self-Fashioning Practices in Academia as Resistance. Inés Corujo Martín (Assistant Professor, CityCollege of Technology, of the City University of New York).