17th Annual FemUn Essay Prize Competition -2019

The Executive Committee of Feministas Unidas Inc., an allied organization of the MLA, is pleased to announce a call for papers for the 17th Annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize competition for graduate students. This Prize is awarded for an outstanding unpublished essay on feminist scholarship on women in the field of literature, the arts, filmmaking, Transatlantic studies or cultural studies in the areas covered by our organization’s mission: Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic Studies.

The purpose of the essay prize is to promote feminist scholarship by those who are entering our profession and are currently graduate students. The prize is the product of collaboration between Feministas Unidas Inc. and the Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies (AEGS). The selection committee is drawn from officers and members of Feministas Unidas and the editorial board of Letras Femeninas (soon to be Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidad). Feministas Unidas Inc. reserves the right not to award the prize in a given year.

Award: $300 and publication of the essay in the the journal Letras Femeninas. The author of the winning essay must be a member of the Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies (AEGS) at the time of publication of the essay. Winning essay will receive corresponding editorial comments from competition readers as well as from Letras Femeninas Editors. Essays will be published one year after acceptance.

Eligibility: Graduate students who are current or new members of Feministas Unidas are eligible to submit their original research for the prize.

• An unpublished paper
• Length: 18-25 pages, double-spaced, including notes and works cited
• Format: MLA style. Prepare the manuscript according to instructions for “Anonymous Submissions”
• Languages: Spanish or English
• Deadline for submission: November 30, 2019

Items to be submitted by email to Marta Boris <martab@uidaho.edu>

• Essay
• 200-word abstract of the essay
• Author’s c.v.
• Submit all materials in the following way: one hard copy and as an e-mail attachment. Please submit essays without names and add a cover page with the title of your work, your name and institutional affiliation. This will help us ensure adequate refereed procedures.

Past winners of the Feministas Unidas Essay Prize

2018 Paola Uparella Ph.D. candidate from the University of Notre Dam for her essay “Guaman Poma y la güergüenza colonial.”

2017 No winner selected this year.

2016 April Knupp, Ph.D. candidate from the Arizona State University, for her essay "Disability and Illness in Lina Meruane’s Sangre en el ojo: A Disability Theory Approach."

2016 Lilianne Lugo Herrera, Ph.D. candidate from University of Miami, for her essay "Melancolía y autoexposición: Los perturbados entre lilas de Alejandra Pizarnik y Melancolía y manifestaciones de Lola Arias."

2015 Vera Coleman, Ph.D. candidate in the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University-Tempe, for her essay "El huso en el centro del universo: el entrelazamiento cuántico en la poesía visual de Cecilia Vicuña."

2014 Francisca Aguiló Mora, Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Romance Studies at the University of Miami for her essay, "Memory Mambo de Achy Ovejas: bailando al son de lo local en un imaginario post-nacional".

2013 Jennifer Byron, graduate student of Cultural Spanish Studies at the School of International Letters and Cultures de Arizona State University at Tempe, AZ
“Wordtoys: La colección de poesía digital de Belén Gaché que desmantela la noción de la literatura tradicional y la etiqueta de la escritura femenina. ”
Selection Committee:
Prof. Mayte DeLama
Prof. Alejandra Carballo
Prof. Rebecca Ulland
Prof. Alvaro Torres-Calderon

2011 Betsy Dahms
"Shamanic Urgency and Two-Way Movement as Writing Style in the Works of Gloria Anzaldúa"
Selection Committee:
Prof. Mayte de Lama (Elon University)
Prof. Rebecca Ulland (Northern Michigan University)
Prof. Guadalupe Cortina (University of Texas- Pan American)
Prof. Frans Weisler (postdoctoral student, University of Pittsburgh).

2010 Olena Shkatulo, Indiana University
“Spain, 'Others', and European Modernity in Pardo Bazán's Parisian Travel Narratives.”
Selection Committee:
Prof. Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci (Lafayette College)
Prof. Sharon Magnarelli (Quinnipiac University)
Prof. Stephanie Saunder (Capital University)
Prof. Juana Suarez (University of Kentucky)

2009 Ruth Brown, University of Kentucky
"El activismo local de Maquilapolis: armonizando la mirada femenina con una política de lugar".
Selection Committee:
Prof. Nina Molinaro (Colorado University at Boulder)
Prof. Magdalena Maiz Peña (Davidson College)
Prof. María Victoria García Serrano (University of Pennsylvania)
Prof. Carmen de Urioste (Arizona State University).

2008 Nadina Olmedo, University of Kentucky
“Gótico y género: El viaje decapitado de La mujer desnuda
Selection Committee:
Prof. Diane E. Martin (University of Mississippi)
Prof. Elizabeth Martinez (Sonoma State University)

2007 Janice Breckenridge, Hiram College
“Performing Memory and Identity: Albertina Carri’s Los rubios
Selection Committee:
Prof. Bernardita Llanos (Denison University)
Prof. Sarah Cooper (California State Chico)

2006 Debra Faszer-McMahon, UC Irvine
“Women and the Discourse of Underdevelopment in Rosa Chacel’s Memorias de Leticia Valle."

2005 Emily Hind
“De Rosario Castellanos al Hombre Ilustre, o, entre dicho y hecho hay un problemático pecho.”

2004 Jana Francesca Gutiérrez, Auburn University
“Finally Free: The Female Artist and the City in Dulce Maria Loynaz’s Jardin.”

2003 Amy Bell, Texas Wesleyan University
“Razing Their Voices: Carmen de Burgo’s Subtextual Revisions of the Works of José Zorrilla and Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer.”