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Spring 2018 38.1

Newsletter Spring 2018 38.1

FemUn MLA 2019:
Gender/s, Language and Identities in Hispanic Studies

MLA Chicago, January 3-6, 2019
Chair: Tina Escaja

TAs feminist/transfeminist scholars of Hispanic Studies, we engage in constant recasting of our gender, linguistic (beyond the binary), and cultural identities. How do our experiences of textual transactions impact our self-awareness? How do we position ourselves vis-?-vis the expanding field of transfeminism and its intersection with transnational cultural studies? What can we do to ensure that our critical engagement with gender reflects itself in ?our relationships with constituencies outside the academy?

Send a 250-word abstract (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese) to Tina Escaja at tina.escaja@uvm.edu by March 15th, 2018. Must be a member of MLA and Feministas Unidas, Inc. in order to present at the conference.

FemUn SAMLA 2018:

Narrativas de militancia femenina en el siglo XXI

SAMLA 2018, Nov. 2-4, 2018 Birmingham, Alabama
Chair: Ana Corbalán

Este panel de FemUn busca reprentaciones de mujeres militantes en la literatura y cine del siglo XXI. ¿Qué significa ser una feminista comprometida políticamente ahora? ¿De qué forma se puede explicar la feminización de la militancia? ¿Qué proyectos estéticos de resistencia feminista predominan en estos textos? ¿Cómo se pueden definir las narrativas de militancia feminista? ¿De qué forma se utilizan las producciones artísticas como armas revolucionarias? Estas y otras premisas semejantes serán el eje de la discusión del panel de Feministas Unidas en SAMLA.

Por favor, manden un abstract de 250 palabras y una breve biografía a Ana Corbalán, acorbalan@ua.edu antes del 1 de mayo de 2018.

Ámbitos Feministas Journal

Call for papers for the Fall 2018 Issue

The editors of Ámbitos Feministas, a multidisciplinary journal of criticism pertinent to current feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies, invite unpublished critical essays in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on literature, film, art, plastic arts, music, gender studies, history, etc., relating to contemporary Hispanic/Luso/Latina women writers and artists. Original unpublished creative work (short stories, poetry) is also encouraged. The accepted papers will appear in the Fall 2017  volume. More information

FemUn NeMLA 2018: Global Spaces, Local Landscapes and Imagined Worlds

Pittsburgh, PA., April 12-15
Chair: Hilda Chacón (Nazareth College)

Notions of "space," "landscape," and "world" evolve and transform depending on the time period and cultural context. This panel seeks to address how Latin American and/or Spanish drama, literature and film, of any time period, explore ideas of  "space," "landscape," and "world" while challenging political, social and ideological contexts. We are particularly interested in how the application of gender and sexuality studies comes to bear on these (con)texts. For more information visit: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/cfp

2017 Feministas Unidas Essay Prize

The Executive Committee of Feministas Unidas Inc. is pleased to announce the winners of the 15th FemUn Graduate Students Essay Contest:

Lilianne Lugo Herrera, Ph.D. candidate from University of Miami, for her essay "Melancolía y autoexposición: Los perturbados entre lilas de Alejandra Pizarnik y Melancolía y manifestaciones de Lola Arias." And

Now accepting essays for the 16th Annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize competition for graduate students. More information

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