Feministas Unidas Newsletter

Fall 2018 38.2

Newsletter Fall 2018 38.2

Feministas Unidas: New Secretary

We would like to congratulate Marta Boris. She has been elected as the new secretary of Feministas Unidas Inc. She will start her term on January 2019.

Adela Zamudio Essay Prize

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Adela Zamudio Prize for the best published article by a member of Feministas Unidas in the areas of feminist studies, gender studies, queer studies and studies related to works of literature and cinema by female authors:

First Prize: Dr. Sharon Keefe-Ugalde (Texas State University) for her essay: "Las poetas de la generación del 50 y la imaginería indumentaria".

Second Prize: Dr. Rebecca M. Bender (Kansas State University) for her essay: "Fashion, Ekphrasis, and the Avant-Garde Novel: Carmen de Burgos's La mujer fantástica (1924)".

The rules of the 2019 Adela Zamudio Prize contest are as follows:

1. The article has to have been published between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 in a peer-reviewed journal.

2. The author has to be a member of Feministas Unidas.

3. The article should be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.

4. Please send a scanned copy of the article as it appeared in the journal (or a link to the article in case of an online publication) and a PDF version that does not contain the author’s name. The scanned copy and the PDF should be sent as attachments to Olga Bezhanova (obezhan@siue.edu) who will then forward the articles to the members of the jury.

The winners will receive a year of free membership in Feministas Unidas, a certificate of having won the contest, and a monetary prize of $400 (USD) for the winner and $200 (USD) for the runner-up.

The award will be presented at the Annual Congress of the MLA in Chicago in January of 2020 or by mail in case the winners will not be attending the conference.

The awarding of the prizes remains at the discretion of the jury.

FemUn MLA 2019:
Gender/s, Language and Identities in Hispanic Studies

MLA Chicago, January 4, 2019 5:15-6:30pm Sheraton Grand- Sheraton Ballroom I
Presider: Tina Escaja, U of Vermont Respondent: Dianna C. Niebylski, U of ILlinois, Chicago

As feminist/transfeminist scholars of Hispanic Studies, we engage in constant recasting of our gender, linguistic (beyond the binary), and cultural identities. How do our experiences of textual transactions impact our self-awareness? How do we position ourselves vis-a-vis the expanding field of transfeminism and its intersection with transnational cultural studies? What can we do to ensure that our critical engagement with gender reflects itself in our relationships with constituencies outside the academy?

Panel Presentations

1: "Genealogía transfronteriza: Resistencias femeninas a imposiciones patriarcales en la literatura de la frontera México–Estados Unidos" - Sylvia Fernandez, U of Houston

2: "Deterritorialization and Female Empowerment in the Work of Gabriela Ybarra and Edurne Portela" - Olga Bezhanova, Southern Illinois U, Edwardsville

3: "Niñas imposibles y cuerpos insumisos: Transgresiones y tránsitos de género en la poesía de María Castrejón" -  Elena Castro, Louisiana State U, Baton Rouge

4: "Reimagining Gender and Sexuality in the Twenty-First Century: Transgenderism, Dictatorship, and Challenges to State Normativity in Argentina" - Aviva Kana, U of California, Santa Barbara

The 2019 annual meeting of Feministas Unidas Inc. will take place during the 2019 MLA annual convention in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting is open to all current members of the coalition. Place and time TBA.

Join us for the annual CASH BAR: 396. Cash Bar Arranged by the Women’s Caucus for the Modern Languages, Feministas Unidas, Women in French, and Women in German Friday, 4 January 7:15 PM-8:30 PM, Grand Ballroom D South (Hyatt Regency Chicago)

FemUn SAMLA 2018:

Narrativas de militancia femenina en el siglo XXI

SAMLA 2018, Nov. 2-4, 2018 Birmingham, Alabama
Chair: Ana Corbalán

Este panel de FemUn busca reprentaciones de mujeres militantes en la literatura y cine del siglo XXI. ¿Qué significa ser una feminista comprometida políticamente ahora? ¿De qué forma se puede explicar la feminización de la militancia? ¿Qué proyectos estéticos de resistencia feminista predominan en estos textos? ¿Cómo se pueden definir las narrativas de militancia feminista? ¿De qué forma se utilizan las producciones artísticas como armas revolucionarias? Estas y otras premisas semejantes serán el eje de la discusión del panel de Feministas Unidas en SAMLA. Más información:  Ana Corbalán, acorbalan@ua.edu 

Ámbitos Feministas Journal

Call for papers for the Summer 2019 Issue

The editors of Ámbitos Feministas, a multidisciplinary journal of criticism pertinent to current feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies, invite unpublished critical essays in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on literature, film, art, plastic arts, music, gender studies, history, etc., relating to contemporary Hispanic/Luso/Latina women writers and artists. Original unpublished creative work (short stories, poetry) is also encouraged. The accepted papers will appear in the Summer 2019  volume. More information

2018 Feministas Unidas Essay Prize Competition

Now accepting essays for the 16th Annual Feministas Unidas Essay Prize competition for graduate students. More information

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