Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.

~Mary Shear (1940-2017)

FemUn Newsletter

Our Coalition publishes an e-newsletter in the spring and fall with news and announcements, book reviews, interviews and information relevant to our members.    

Ámbitos Feministas

Our annual peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal of criticism pertinent to current feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, Caribbean, U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies.

FemUn Professional Meetings

As an allied organization of the MLA, Feministas Unidas Inc. sponsors several panels at the annual convention, as well as at other academic meetings (SAMLA, NeMLA, etc.). As an interdisciplinary alliance, we embrace all fields of studies and culture relating to Hispanic women.

  FemUn Awards

Feministas Unidas  Inc. holds an annual essay prize competition for graduate students, and the annual Adela Zamudio Prize for the best published article by a member of the Coalition in the areas of feminist studies, gender studies, queer studies and studies related to works of literature and cinema by female authors.

Executive Board

The Executive Committee is responsible for the activities of the Coalition as well as for implementing decisions taken by the national membership.


Learn about  the governing rules by which Feministas Unidas Inc. operates since its fundation in 1979.
Last adopted on April 4, 2018.

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