NOTE: I've been unable, due to other duties, to offer this course for several years. I've left the site up so you can see a course that pre-dates Course Management Software, e.g., Blackboard.

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Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction (Psy 501)

The challenge of education is to prepare students for their future--not our past! -- Unknown

Welcome. I'm glad you are interested in taking my course about how to be effective when teaching on-line. On this student information page you will find links to help you decide about taking this course.

Do read my FAQ (#1 below). It answers most questions. Contact me for answers to any questions that remain. I hope to see you in my class next term. Thanks for checking!

  1. FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Psy 501 (faq.htm)

  2. Main Page for Psy 501: Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction (psyii.htm)

  3. Web Courses/Sites Created by Students Completing Psy 501 (studpgs.htm)

  4. Student Comments about Psy 501 (cmt.htm)

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