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Comments From Psychology 501 Evaluations: Spring 1998 Students

Each bullet represents a different individual. Ten of 14 responded to a phone interview conducted by a graduate student who removed identifying information before providing the results to the instructor. I have to wait to post more recent information until I have a sufficient accumulation of students to protect their anonymity.

You do not have permission to print this or reproduce it in any form. Hate to be draconian, but this is material I am interested in using in an article and journal editors in my field frown on information being published elsewhere.

As compared to a 2 credit hour face -to-face graduate course I learned:

As compared to a 2 credit hour face-to-face graduate course: My motivation to complete it was:

What study of time management technique did you find to be most effective?

Which two topics were most useful to you?

What would you like to see added?

What would you like deleted?

How long should Psy 501 ID's and passwords be left functional?

Based on this course, what are the two most important qualities or skills for the :




What are the top two resources you now need to complete your course or program development?

What do you see as the most critical problem facing the Internet instructor?

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