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Issues in Using the Internet in Instruction: Psy 501

The Teacher as Scholar is important...the Teacher as Person is crucial...the Teacher as Communicator is indispensable. J. Jordan

Welcome to our temporary "classroom." This is the between-semesters home page for the course. This page and its links give prospective students an idea of what the course is like. It is also an example of a self-constructed course that predates the dominance of course software.

Once the semester begins we'll be using a course software (Blackboard) for class activities. Registered students will get more information on accessing the course when the term begins.

In the meantime, methodically explore this page and its links below. Like the branching on a tree, each of the main links below leads to sublinks. This page is the tree trunk, or starting point. Please understand that some of the specifics may be different once the course begins. If you have any questions, E-mail me at

If your registration is still "in process" you will need to use this site until your registration is finalized. All reading materials are available here.

You will encounter elements of this course that are restricted access but the first weeks material is available.

Introductory Information

  1. Course Description, Special Issues and Requirements, Course Policies (
  2. Print, fill in and snail mail to me the information form at
  3. Learning Resources (
  4. Orientation to Course Syllaweb and Map (

Weekly Activities

Your two main activities will be reviewing material in print and on-line and participating in class discussion.

Once the semester begins registered students will have access to the Blackboard course site. We will do most of our course activities within that site.

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