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Web Courses/Sites Created for Psy 501

The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand,
as in what direction you are moving.
--Oliver Wendell Holmes.



Some of the following have been in development for a number of years. Some are recent creations. Websites change and grow over time. It is their nature. They may sit untouched while their creator is assigned other tasks and then blossom for a term. Regard all websites as works in progress.

Courses appearing in a course software ask for id and password. Typically using "guest" for both will give you access to some of the information.

WKU Adult Life and Aging (Psy 423) (http://atech.wku.edu:8080/
Lois Layne
WKU Advertising in a Digital World (Jour 481) (http://www.wku.edu/~shalucp/) This is a supplement to a face-to-face course at this time. Cliff Shaluta
Bowling Green Community College Basic Business Communications (BT 250C) (http://www.wku.edu/~maysfl/
Freda Mays
Lindsey Wilson College Computer Applications I (CIS 1003) (http://www.lindsey.edu/
Tim Curry
Bowling Green Community College Computers, Introduction to (BT 180) (http://atech.wku.edu:8080/
Jan Duvall
WKU & Morehead State Cost Control & Financial Management (CFS 451) (http://www.wku.edu/~hrtm_pjs/
Pattie Silfies
WKU Counseling Violent and Dysfunctional Families (CNS 584) (http://www.wku.edu/~greenbc/
Bill Greenwalt
Bowling Green Community College Developmental English (Deng055C) (http://atech.wku.edu:8080/courses/
Paul Bush
Texas Women's University Doctoral Seminar in Learning Disabilities (ECSE 6403) (http://online.twu.edu/courses/
ECSE640301/) Try using guest as password and as id. Guest access may be disabled.
Charlotte Keefe
WKU Exceptional Child: Perspectives and Issues (EXC 516) (http://atech.wku.edu:8080/courses/exc516/) Peggy Cramer
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, PA Finance (Mg 502) This is Blackboard delivered with a between terms information page. (http://www.wpi.edu/~kwilkens/
Kathy Wilkens
Madisonville Community College Financial Accounting I (ACC 201) (http://www.kcvu.org/) This is a KyVU course, only existing on-line the terms it is offered. Debbie Wright
WKU Freshman Seminar (UC101-120 and UC101-121) (http://atech.wku.edu:8080/
courses/UC101Curtis/) Guest access is probably disabled. This is a supplement to a face-to-face course.
Margaret Curtis
WKU Germanic Culture and Civilization (Ger 333) (http://www.wku.edu/~jackslm/
Laura McGee (formerly Jackson)
WKU Headstart Headstart On-line Marketing Workshop (http://www.wku.edu/~watkijc/
James Watkins
Madisonville Community College Human Anatomy and Physiology II (BSL 111) (http://www.madcc.kctcs.net/
pmclaughlin/menu111.htm). This is a supplement to a face-to-face course at this time.
Pam McLaughlin
Owensboro Community College Interpersonal Communication (Com 252) (http://www.occ-online.org/
Jean Wisuri
Paducah Community College

Introduction to Computers (CIS 100) (http://www.kcvu.org/courses/


05f2b13ab0afc08d8525695f00067433) This is a KYVU course which only exists during the term it is offered.

Tammy Potter
WKU Introduction to Computing (CS 145) (http://www.wku.edu/~wilsocl/
Carol Wilson
University of Missouri, Columbia Introductory Seminar: The School Library Media Specialist (Q410) (http://courseinfo.coe.missouri.edu/
courses/q410lew2000/). Try using guest as password and as id. Guest access may be disabled.
Linda Esser
WKU Junior English (Eng 300) (http://www.wku.edu/~uhlenla/
Linda Uhlenkott
WKU Office of Correspondance Studies (http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Support/
Beth Laves
Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy.

Orientation to Adult Education (http://kyvu.eduprise.com/bin/



for the Professional Development and Instructional Support Branch

Jane Martel
Central Lakes College

Psychology and Modern Life (Psyc 1420) (http://www.clc.mnscu.edu/

kuehn/1420main.htm) This is a supplement to a face-to-face course at this time.

Martha Kuehn
Bowling Green Community College Records Administration (OST 225C) (http://www.wku.edu/Dept/Academic/
Linda Todd
Bowling Green Community College Desktop Publishing (OST221C) (http://www.wku.edu/Dept/
Linda Todd
Paducah Community College Pharmacology (Nursing 125) (http://www.apex.net/users/dstoffel/) Claudia Stoffel
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, PA

Seminar in College Teaching (IDG 501) (http://my.wpi.edu/bin/common/


Judith Miller

Sports Nutrition (CFS 364) (http://www.wku.edu/


Mary Cheatham
private business All Seasons Gardening and Brewing Supply Co (http://www.allseasonsnashville.com/) Her first project. Lois Layne

Sites/Courses Completed but Currently Offline or Unavailable for Various Reasons

Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy Adult Education Instructors Learning Disabilities Training. Renae Harrison
Bowling Green Community College. Academic Support Division Currently maintained by another person. Sherry Reid
WKU Center for Teaching & Learning (http://www.wku.edu/Dept/
Support/AcadAffairs/CTL/home.htm) Currently maintained by another person.
Carol Graham
WKU Introduction to Psychology Tommy Williams
Jazzart Jazz Dance Company Jazz Dance History. His course is no longer available as a course but the information part is available at his Jazz Dance Homepage (http://www.jazzart.org/) Bob Boross

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