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[crystal ball] Psy 361: Tests and Measurement

Assessment is often done to try and predict the future. Crystal ball image courtesy of KarmaStorm.

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Course Information (All is subject to change until the first day of the semester).

tiny mouse buttonSample Course Syllabus ( This is a sample syllabus to give you an idea of course requirements and structure. The genuine syllabus will be made available on the first day of class.

tiny mouse button Sample Internet Policies for Courses ( This is a sample of the policies I follow with regard to portions of the class conducted on-line. The genuine policies will be made available on the Blackboard CourseInfo website below.

tiny mouse button Sample supplement to Course Syllabus for entirely Web-delivered Psy 361-700 ( This is a sample of the policies I follow with regard to students taking the 700 or on-line section of Psy 361. It is a supplement to the syllabus above and does NOT stand alone.

tiny mouse button"Blackboard CourseInfo" classlogin ( Once the semester begins you will be automatically enrolled and have a personal start page (Blackboard) from which you can access the Psy 361 site. (Late enrollees may experience a delay). The login page explains your id and password. There are all kinds of goodies here for you. A discussion board and chat room (under Communications). Build your own web page or update your password or Email address (Under Student Tools). Find links to journals that have at least some information on line (External Links). And get a new copy of the Syllabus (Course Information). Key course materials are at this site. There is some redundancy with links located on the page you are currently viewing. The CourseInfo site is more complete, however, as this is a public page for anyone and the Blackboard CourseInfo site is just for enrolled students.

tiny mouse buttonPsy 361: Questions from Students and Answers (

tiny mouse buttonFrequently Asked Questions about the Internet version of 361: What you should know before registering. (

tiny mouse buttonKey Events in Psychological Measurement ( This is a timeline to help you with historical events. It also contains links to many test-related sites.

tiny mouse buttonThe Visual Relationship between the Bivariate Normal Distribution and Correlation (

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Links to Helpful Tools

tiny mouse button APA Style Primer (

tiny mouse button Tips for Note-taking (

tiny mouse button Tips for Studying (

tiny mouse button Tips for Taking Exams (

tiny mouse button American Psychological Association (

tiny mouse button Association for Psychological Science (

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Psy 361
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