Courses for the Spring Semester in Spain

Academic Program

All students participating in the Spring Semester program must have completed at least 12 credit hours of college-level Spanish or the equivalent with a 3.0 GPA in Spanish courses by the begining of the program. Students will be required to take a minimum of 12 semester credit hours and may take up to 15 semester credit hours. It is strongly recommended that students take only 12 hours in order to leave time for out-of-class cultural activities. All courses with the exception of the humanities course will be taught in Spanish, and students will be expected to speak Spanish at all times.

All courses will make use of local and regional resources and will be taught by qualified Spanish faculty from Spain and the on-site program director.

Grades, Credits, and Transfers (Back to top)
Final grades will be based on the student’s grade in the course s/he is taking, class attendance, and participation in the various required activities. Before departure and as part of the admissions procedure, you will fill out a transfer request which will be kept on file until the end of the program. After grades are recorded, credit will be awarded by Western Kentucky University, then automatically transferred to your home institution. Prior to participating in the KIIS program, you should meet with appropriate faculty and other officials at your institution to discuss how the Western Kentucky  University courses will be counted by your institution.

Course Offerings (Back to top)

The following is a list of courses offered in the Semester Spain program:

All courses taught in Spanish. At least twelve hours of college-level Spanish required before taking these courses.


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