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General Overview
During the Spring semester of 2019, the KIIS will offer a thirteen-week program in Segovia, a lovely provincial capital only 60 minutes from Madrid. For both linguistic and cultural reasons, Segovia, in the heart of Castile, is an ideal location for the study of Spanish language and culture. Segovia’s size is likewise ideal since all areas of the city are easily accessible without a car. Foreign students are welcomed in Segovia. There are lively and varied cultural activities, and life there is low-cost and low-stress.

Travel Options (Back to top)
Students have the option of traveling with the group in an arrange flight, or traveling by their own. Students who travel with the group will be met at the Madrid airport by the program director and taken by bus to Segovia where they will be met by their host families. Students who are already in Spain or who arrange for their own transportation to Spain will meet the group at the Madrid airport at the scheduled arrival time of the group flight.

Dates and Calendar (Back to top)
The twelve-week program will begin February 1, and will end on May 1, 2019. Classes will normally be held four days a week (Monday-Thursday). Whenever possible, weekends will be kept free for independent travel. There will be a spring break in April. During the spring break, students may travel independently in Spain or elsewhere in Europe, or remain in Segovia.

Orientations (Back to top)
A mandatory stateside orientation will be held for all students admitted to the program. If a student does not attend the mandatory orientation a $150  fee will be added to her/his KIIS account to cover expenses for individual orientation by the program director. Place and date: December 8, 2018 from 12:30-3:00 pm at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. Exact place TBA.

A comprehensive orientation session will immediately follow arrival in Segovia. The session will include extensive information about Spanish family life, public transportation, health and safety, and the students' obligations and responsibilities to the KIIS program while in Spain.

Accommodations (Back to top)
A key feature of the KIIS program is that all students will live with Spanish families in Segovia. Generally, no more than two students will be placed with each family. All families live in or near the city center, relatively close to our classroom building located in the Plaza Mayor of Segovia. All meals are taken with the host family, who will also provide towels, bed linens, and laundry facilities. Host families will attempt to accommodate special diets, but KIIS cannot guarantee that all requests can or will be met.

KIIS cannot guarantee that housing in Segovia will be smoke-free. If you have a condition that makes it medically impossible for you to tolerate cigarette or cigar smoke, you should not participate in this home stay-based program.

Excursions (Back to top)
Segovia’s location makes it ideal for excursions to other cities and sites of cultural interest in Old and New Castile. In addition, cheap and frequent bus and train service to Madrid makes it easy for students to visit the museums and monuments of Madrid. Excursions are tentatively planned to Madrid, Córdoba, Salamanca, Avila, Toledo, Coca and Cuellar. In addition, students will be able to undertake independent travel at their own expense on weekends and during the spring break.

Insurance (Back to top)
KIIS provides all participating students and faculty with comprehensive medical insurance ($500,000 max, $0 deductible) while abroad on KIIS programs. Through CMI Insurance, KIIS also provides students and faculty with Security Evacuation Protection designed to provide evacuation services in the event of threats of political, security, and natural disaster in the host country (the benefit pays for the evacuation of students and faculty from the host country and their return to the U.S.). The KIIS-CMI policy further provides students and faculty with an Emergency Medical Evacuation Benefit. The KIIS-CMI policy pays 100% of the cost for repatriation of remains. Click here for a copy of the KIIS-CMI policy.

In addition to the Security Evacuation Protection outlined above, KIIS provides Trip Cancelation—Terrorism through CMI. The benefit pays up to $5000 of protection to recover non-refundable expenses already paid due to loss if the scheduled trip must be canceled within 45 days of departure from the U.S. due to terrorist activities (as determined by the U.S. State Department).

Health Guidelines
For each program, KIIS follows the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC recommends that students have up-to-date immunizations, including tetatus, MMR, and polio. For the CDC's H1N1 precautions, click here. For additional health and safety information regarding individual study abroad program locations, KIIS recommends that all students consult with their family physicians, local health department, and the CDC's guidelines.

All admitted students are required to complete a medical history form and a designation of medical surrogacy form (applicable for the duration of the program). For more details, visit your program's Admitted Students section.

Students with Disabilities
KIIS makes every effort to offer students with disabilities an opportunity to participate on study abroad programs whenever possible. However, students should be aware that in many countries there are fewer and sometimes no provisions (i.e. ramps, elevators, handicap access) to accommodate individuals with disabilities. In some cases, students may need to bring a caregiver. The student's caregiver will also need to pay the program fees.

Conduct KIIS has established certain rules and guidelines for participation, both general and program-specific. As participants, students are expected to conform to acceptable standards of behavior. Any student who, in the judgment of the Program Director, does not behave accordingly will be expelled from the program. Any costs so incurred (including transportation costs for immediate return to the United States) will be borne by the student.

As part of the application process, accepted students will be provided with copies of rules and guidelines, and asked to sign that they understand and agree to adhere to those rules and guidelines.

Emergencies can occur when students are participating in study abroad programs. KIIS provides full logisitical support to students in the event of an emergency. KIIS recommends that at least one family member be holding a valid passport in the event that he/she deems it necessary to make an emergency trip abroad. In the event of an emergency, contact either:

Dr. John Dizgun (KIIS Executive Director) at 270-227-2288 (cell)

Cost(Back to top)
$9,975.00 + Airfare

Application Deadline: Oct. 15th, 2018.
APPLY EARLY & SAVE $100: Apply by October 1st and save $100

Payment Schedule
First payment of $2000 is due November 1.
Final payment is due December 1.

The program fee includes the cost of:

The program fee does NOT include:

Students are advised to budget their funds prudently and have access to funds in the United States to ensure that they will not run out of money before the program is over. For everyday business transactions in Spain, a credit card such as MasterCard or Visa issued in the student's name will be very useful. ATM cards (such as Cirrus and Plus) are also very convenient for getting cash advances.

Although KIIS has tried to foresee all possible expenses in formulating program fees, it should be clear that the total cost is subject to change necessitated by fluctuation in airline fares and/or foreign currency valuation.

Program & Housing Rules (Back to top)
The KIIS program in Spain has defined rules and regulations to which all participants must adhere. Observing them will assure that the KIIS program is an enjoyable learning experience.

General Rules
• Obedience to all civil laws.
• Respect for the customs of the country.
• Use and/or possession of drugs is strictly prohibited, and is grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.
• Offensive behavior, including public intoxication, is grounds for immediate expulsion from the program.
• Daily attendance in all classes and planned program excursions is mandatory.
• Should you decide to go somewhere overnight or travel elsewhere, please notify the program director.
• Any participant whose action imposes upon or disturbs the other members of the program or continues to disregard any of the above rules may be expelled from the program at any time.

Housing Rules
• When students arrive in Segovia, they will be met by an adult member of the host family. The family will inform and assist the student with public transportation available between his/her house and the school.
• Loans from families to students and vice-versa are not permitted.
• Your family will provide three meals daily: a continental breakfast, full mid-day meal, and a light supper. Students are not permitted to help themselves to items in the refrigerator or pantry between meals. You can buy snacks at any grocery or pastry shop.
• Let your señora know well in advance if you plan not to eat a meal at home.
• Any transportation provided by the family is entirely voluntary, although families will assist with information about Segovia's public transportation.
• Under no circumstances should students make long distance calls (either national or international) from their home phone. Local calls are allowed with permission of the family, and should be brief. Local or long distance calls can be received. Make long distance calls from pay phones, or, if you have your host family’s permission, you may go through ATT, MCI, or Sprint access numbers.
• When the student goes on an excursion, the family will provide a sack lunch instead of a meal. Please ask the Señora for it at least one day in advance.
• You will receive a key to the house, which must be returned when you leave Segovia. Students will be charged for lost keys. Please be certain that all doors are closed whenever you leave the house (main entrance, bedrooms, closets, etc.). Also, please do not slam the doors.
• No one should be invited to the home without the express authorization of the family. Under no circumstances should friends of the opposite sex be invited into a bedroom of the family house.
• Because of the high cost of utilities, please take only one shower a day. Segovia suffers periodic water shortages, and conservation of water is everyone's responsibility. Also, electricity is very expensive in Spain. Do not leave lights on if you are not using them, and do not use appliances unless absolutely necessary.
• Each family will change the sheets once a week and provide soap and toilet paper (please use only what is necessary). Students should advise the family when they plan to take their bath. If students wish to rest during the day, they should remove the bedspread.
• You may not use the laundry facilities in the homes; reasonable amounts of washing and ironing will be done by the family.
• Students are encouraged to use Spanish in the homes. Families will converse with students in Spanish and will correct their vocabulary. English should be used only if absolutely necessary.
• Should you need to see a doctor, inform the program director or your host family immediately.
• If problems arise, inform the program director.
• All additional costs and damages (broken windows, cigarette burns, phone bills, etc.) will be charged to you.
• NOTE: DO NOT, under any circumstances, operate any motor vehicle while in Spain. Do not drive an automobile, a motorcycle, a moped, or anything else. You may only ride in motor vehicles which are authorized—these include public transportation (buses, taxis), buses taken on excursions, and autos owned by your host family. DO NOT accept rides in any other vehicles.

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