Live Segovia, Discover Spain!

Every spring semester the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) offers a semester program in Segovia, Spain, a pleasent provincial capital only 60 minures away from Madrid. The experience of living with a Spanish family during the duration of the program will allow you to be part of Spanish culture day by day, immersing you in the language, and in Spanish life.

If you are a Spanish major o minor, take a semester abroad in Spain and complete up to 15 credits towards your degree while having the experience of a life time. Improve your speaking skills and writing techniques in the conversation and composition courses. Go beyond the textbook and the classroom, and learn about Spanish culture first hand by visiting the Prado Museum in Madrid, the gothic cathedral in Salamanca, the medieval walls of Avila, or the legendary castles in Castilla. Spend your evenings strolling through the narrow streets of Segovia, and chatting with your friends in the many quaint cafes. Apply now!

Lesley Davis, from Western Kentucky University, is a past participat in the Semester Segovia program and did this introduction to the program for other students to see a little bit of life in Segovia.

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KIIS Spring Segovia 2011 by Leslye Davis on Vimeo.

KIIS celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2015!