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After Twenty Years (S686: 1911)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: A letter from the "the Grand Old Man of Science" (as they refer to him here) read at a meeting held between the Anti-Vaccination League and the Edinburgh Public Health Committee on 24 January 1911. Later printed on page 293 of the 1 March 1911 issue of The Vaccination Inquirer. To link directly to this page connect with:

Old Orchard,
Broadstone, Wimborne,
January 22nd, 1911.

W. J. Begg, Esq.

Dear Sir,--

     During the twenty years since I wrote my "Vaccination a Delusion: its Penal Enforcement a Crime," my conviction has continually deepened, the evidence has continually become stronger, and I am more than ever convinced that the above given title of my book expressed the literal truth, with not one particle of exaggeration.

     During those twenty years not one of the upholders of vaccination has disproved any of the more important of my facts. The gross misstatements of the medical upholders of vaccination alone render all the alleged facts adduced by the profession worthless as evidence. The dreadful record I have given of disease and death caused by vaccination, both to infants and adults, has gone on, ever increasing. My proof from official documents that the most thorough vaccination of the Army and Navy leaves them as liable to smallpox, and to die of it, as the general population which is far less vaccinated, is true to the present day. As regards unvaccinated Leicester, the confident predictions of the most terrible results have been wholly falsified, and it remains to this day a standing proof that vaccination is a cause rather than a preventive of smallpox.

     And, lastly, so far from the re-vaccination of the male adults of the conscript armies of Europe leading to any marked advantage, as regards smallpox mortality, of the male over the female population, which latter is far less or hardly at all re-vaccinated, the reverse is the case both in Italy and (I believe) here; and in no country have the upholders of vaccination proved such an advantage to be given to men as compared with women, notwithstanding that this would be the best possible proof of its efficacy, while the fact that there is no such marked difference is a demonstration on the largest scale and the most indisputable evidence, that vaccination is, as I have declared, a Delusion, and therefore its enforcement a Crime.

Yours very truly,

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