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Dr. Russel Wallace and Simplified Spelling (S676b: 1909)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: In 1906 the Simplified Spelling Board was created in the United States to lobby for simplifying the spelling of many words; in 1908 initial efforts at spelling reform in Great Britain followed. Wallace was queried on this matter at one point, with a short reply from him appearing on page 5 of the 23 March 1909 issue of The Yorkshire Post (Leeds). To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S676B.htm

     Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace has written to a correspondent his views on simplified spelling, saying:--"Of course I approve of simplified spelling, but till familiar and in pretty general use in print it should not be used in writing, because it adds greatly to the difficulty of deciphering. I think the first step should be to get the great publishers to adopt it, and their readers to carry it out."

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