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Dr. A. R. Wallace's Message (S652: 1908)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: A letter of support sent to the annual meeting of the National Anti-Vaccination League, and later printed on page 8 of the 1 April 1908 issue of The Vaccination Inquirer. To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S652.htm

     The meeting also greeted with great applause the following inspiriting message from Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace, who, being now in his 85th year, and still overwhelmed with correspondence and work, yet showed his undiminished interest in our movement by the following words addressed to the meeting through the Hon. Secretary, Mr. Charles Gane. We give them as emphasised by his own marks:--

     "Surely all of us must see NOW, that the only way to get anything really worth getting for our cause is to use our voting power at all Parliamentary elections. The miserable concession of the last Bill--which does not advance our cause at all (perhaps injures it)--shows that amid the rush and struggle of business in the House of Commons, nothing can or will be done for us, even by a Liberal Government with an overwhelming majority, till they find they lose seats by our votes. Then only will they find it necessary to get us out of the way, by conceding our full claim of total abolition of all Vaccination Laws, and also (for this, too, is necessary) all discrimination, public or private, against unvaccinated persons declared illegal and punishable. The time for any more patching and peddling with laws which are utterly unjust, illogical, and thoroughly wicked--a medical persecution with all the vices of religious persecution, and the added vice of compulsorily spreading disease and causing death--is now gone by. Nothing is worth having but TOTAL ABOLITION! Let us unanimously vote against every candidate who will not promise to support such abolition, and we shall quickly get it. There is no other WAY.--Yours faithfully, A. R. Wallace."

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