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Land Nationalisation Society Meeting Letter
(S638: 1907)

Editor Charles H. Smith's Note: A letter to Joseph Hyder read at the twenty-sixth annual meeting of the Land Nationalisation Society on 14 May 1907. Later printed on page 65 of the June 1907 issue of Land and Labour. To link directly to this page, connect with: http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/wallace/S638.htm

Broadstone, Wimborne.
May 13th, 1907.

To the Land Nationalisation Society.

Dear Mr. Hyder,

     Although it is not safe to halloo before one is out of the wood, I think I may safely congratulate the Society upon the prospect it now has of obtaining the first-fruits of its persistent efforts, for a quarter of a century, to form an enlightened public opinion in favour of our views.

     If the Government adequately fulfils its promises we shall have, in the Bill for a fair valuation of land apart from improvements, as a basis for taxation and for purchase, and that giving Local Authorities full powers to acquire land so valued, the first real and definite steps towards complete Nationalisation.

     It is to be hoped that our supporters in Parliament will take care that the clauses securing these great reforms are made thoroughly effective. It will then be our business to see that the Local Authorities are not allowed to shirk their duties; while we must not cease to advocate the further embodiment in Legislation of our fundamental principles.

Alfred R. Wallace.

*                 *                 *                 *                 *

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