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Updated November 18, 2009

The asterisked materials were composed by Dr. Jan Garrett

Apart from single copies for use by individuals, this material may not be copied without the permission of the author.

The Classical Stoics of Greece and Rome,
Their Predecessors and Rivals

For online translations of Greek and Latin texts by classical and Renaissance Stoics or about their ideas, see Classical Works.

Getting Acquainted

An Introduction to Stoic Ethics* (basic level)

Stoicism in a Nutshell* (intermediate level) (new: May 31, 2006)

Stoic Values--A Chart* (basic level)

Comparisons between Stoicism and Other Ancient Philosophies

Stoics and Epicureans: A Schematic Comparison* (basic)

A Dialogue on Ethics between a Stoic and an Aristotelian* (intermediate)

Stoic Psychological Theory

The Passions according to the Classical Stoics* (intermediate)

The Stoic View of Moral Development* (basic level) (based on Cicero, De Finibus) (11-04)

Is the Sage Free from Pain?* (in Volga Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences)
If this version is not acessible, try the Stoic Place copy.

Dr. Keith Seddon, The Stoics on Why We Should Strive to Be Free of the Passions


Did the Ancient Stoics Regard Slavery as Natural?* (7-06)

Study Questions for Epictetus' Handbook (a.k.a The Manual), keyed to the N. White (Hackett) translation*

Dr. Keith Seddon, Do the Stoics Succeed in Showing How Moral Responsibility Is Compatible with the Framework of Causal Determinism?

Socrates and Zeno (of Citium) in Hades: Dialogue on the State* (intermediate)

Renaissance Stoicism

Stoicism in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries (by Prof. Ben R. Schneider)

Early Modern Philosophy and Stoicism

David Hume and Stoicism Compared* (May 31, 2006)

Metaphorical Analysis of Stoic Philosophy

Metaphorical Analysis of Epictetus' Encheiridion 1* (New 9-7-04)
Stoic Ethics and Family-Based Moral Models* (New here: 1-10-05)
Why Do the Stoics Seem to Hate Impressions?* (New: 11-18-09)