High-Priority Lectures
and Other Teaching Materials by Dr. Garrett

This page revised December 3, 2012

Materials related to Ancient Greek Philosophy through Aristotle

1. Philosophically Important Greek Words
2. Folk Theories, Metaphors, and Early Greek Philosophy
3. Vocabulary Related to Opening Chapters in Hussey's The Presocratics
4. Chart 1 for Hesiod's Theogony and Chart 2 for Hesiod's Theogony
5. Charts Comparing Poets' Conceptions of the Gods with Philosophers'
6. Major Presocratic Philosophers (restored 9-21-12)

7. Parmenides Fragment 8 Reworded (based on David Gallop translation)
7a. Parmenides Fragment 8 (attempt at logical reconstruction) and Fragment 8 Gallop translation (basis for reconstruction).

Socrates and Plato

8. Two pieces on Socrates' Defense: Argument Reconstruction and Socrates' Convictions. (restored: 10-1-2012)

9. An Introduction to Plato for Philosophy Majors and Minors (10-6-08)
10. Possible Problems with Plato's Middle-Dialogue Theory of Forms


11. An Introduction to Aristotle (added 11-5-12)
12. An Introduction to Aristotle's Categories (added 11-5-12)
13. Aristotle's Greek Terms, with English Equivalents (added 11-26)
14. Aristotelian Terms (keyed to RAGP), with Sometimes Partial Definitions (added 12-3-2012)
15. A Simple Introduction to Aristotle's Celestial and Terrestrial Physics (added 11-7-12)
16. Charts Related to Aristotle's Causes, Potentiality, and Actuality (added 11-9-12)
17. Notes on Aristotle's Definition of Motion and Change (added 11-14-12)
18. Notes for Aristotle's On Soul (added 11-26-12)
19. Aristotelian Ideas Influential in Late Middle Ages (see item 1)
20. Aristotle on the Track of Knowable Reality (Substance) (lecture notes)
21. Structure of the Nicomachean Ethics (chart) (added 12-3-2012)
22. (Aristotelian) Virtue Ethics (page designed for a General Ed Ethics course)
23. Dialogue with Aristotle on Ethics (designed for Gen Ed Ethics course) (linked added 11-26)
24. Virtues of Thought (chart), based on N.E. VI (added 12-3-2012)

Materials related to Classical Greek and Roman Philosophy after Aristotle

The Stoic Place (see especially Historical Materials)

Other materials will be made available here as the semester proceeds.