High-Priority Lectures
and Other Teaching Materials by Dr. Garrett

This page revised May 2, 2008

Some materials have been removed and will be restored
as the Spring 2008 course proceeds.

Contents (Major Headings)
Before Descartes
Descartes - Locke
Hume - Kant
Hegel - Marx
Dewey - Sartre

1. The Philosophical Background to Modern Philosophy
2. The Social Role of the Philosophy Network in the Scientific Revolution
    (A Sociological Description by Randall Collins)
3. The Scientific Background of the Rise of Modern Philosophy

4. Cartesian Glossary (Definitions of Key Cartesian Terms)
5. Lakoff and Johnson on Metaphorical Reasoning in Descartes (new 2/1/08)
6. Descartes--A (Hasty?) Balance Sheet (new 2/15/08)
7. The Evil Genius' Pervasive Presence in Descartes' Meditations (restored 3/08)
8. Descartes' First Proof for the Existence of God (restored 3/08)
9. Mysteries of the Will and Assent in Descartes (New: 2-18-04)
10. The Mind-Body Problem from Descartes to Hume

11. Background to Locke
12. Lockean Glossary (Revised 2-23-04)
13. Locke on the Will and Freedom (Notes on Essay II.21, "Of Power")
14. Locke on Substance (Lecture Notes)
15. Locke on Reason and Faith (part) (Restored: 3-20-08)

16. Lecture Notes on Hume's Enquiry

17. Very Basic Notes on Kant (short)
18. Kant Glossary (alphabetized, 4-2-08)
19. Philosophical Method (3-19-04)
20. Kant as a "Problematic" Thinker (3-19-04)
21. Kant's Prolegomena: a 44-Point Summary (completely restored)
22. (Fictional) Dialogue with Kant about His Ethical Theory (basic material)
23. Letter from Kant to Hume about Ethics (a Pedagogical Fiction)

24. Hegel: An Overview (Fully restored: 4-9-08)
24a. Notes on Hegel's Intro to the Philosophy of History (Restored 5-2-08)
25. Lecture Notes on Marx
26. Marxist Economics 101 (Rev. and added 4-30-04)

27. Selected Lecture Notes on Dewey

28. Background to Sartre's "Existentialism . . . Humanism"