WKU Modern Languages Podcast Series

One Theme at a Time

lake2.jpgWelcome to “One Theme at a Time”, a one theme only podcast of the WKU Modern Languages Podcast series. We hope you will enjoy our episodes in which we present just one theme related to the world of languages.

On the last Monday of every month we will present a new episode of “One theme at a time”, with guest speakers that will talk in English about a variety of topics of general interest related to the different world cultures we teach at WKU.

Episode 14: Sports Abroad
Episode 13:News From Abroad
Episode 12: Happy Birthday to you too!
Episode 11: Outstanding Students
Episode 10: A World Outside your World
Episode 9: BG International Festival 06
Episode 8: Stories of the Summer
Episode 7: Class of 2006
Episode 6: Pardon my French!
Episode 5: Foreign Languages go to Hollywood
Episode 4: A Festival of Languages
Episode 3: Two Critical Languages to Learn
Episode 2: Winter Term Abroad
Episode 1: Christmas in January

The World Languages Podcaster

Original podcasts in a world language presenting scheduled programs on a variety of topics.

In Spanish:

Impresiones de España: Students and faculty participating in the 2006 Summer KIIS Study Abroad Program in Spain shared their impressions of different cultural aspect of the Spanish daily life while they are living it. Also, natives from Spain talk about Spain and its idiosyncrasies.

Tu voz: Podcating desde Bowling Green. Students of Spanish at the Department of Modern Languages create original episodes in Spanish of this new podcast every semester on themes related to the local Hispanic community.