by Davy Stone
Firestorm is wearing the costume he wore in Extreme Justice, and he is made from a Doctor Strange body and a Hunter/Prey Superman head.  The Doctor Strange body was ideal for Firestorm because of his puffy sleeves.  I took Doc's cape and head off and saved them for other uses, and then put the Supes head on.  I was able to wedge the Supes head into the hole in Doc's neck, but his neck ended up being too short and loose.  I used contour putty to build the neck up, and I was lucky enough to keep the neck articulated. 

I made Firestorm's flaming hair from Sculpey.  At first, I tried to use a glow-in-the-dark fimo-type clay, but that just didn't work out.  The Sculpey worked great, though. 

Also, after several attempts to use Model Magic for his shoulderpads, and after having them break off several times, I used Sculpey for those as well.  Worked great, and they've not broken off since (thanks for the advice, numerous listserv members). 

Painting the detailed design on Firestorm's chest was very tedious work, and eventually I used an ink pen to get the straight black lines I wanted.  Everything else was painted using a very tiny brush. 

Firestorm was painted with acrylic paints, and sealed with some kind of spray sealer. 


Parts Used:
Body: Dr. Strange
Head: Hunter/Prey Superman
Flame hair and shoulder pads: Sculpey
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