by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
Zauriel was the most complicated custom job we've done.  We decided to allow ourselves certain artistic liberties in creating this figure, especially since every appearance of Zauriel I've found has him looking slightly different (JLA Secret Files #2 alone has four different versions of his armored self).  This Zauriel is based on the one from the Paradise Lost miniseries. 

I began by cutting up the two Mummies Alive figures.  Using a dremel, I cut both figures in half at the waist, and then cut their forearms off, also.  I did some swapping of the body parts -- I added wrapped forearms and legs to the bare chested guy -- and then pulled his head off (it popped off rather easily). 

Then, I used a Doctor Strange head (leftover from making Firestorm), and I cut off the neck and dremmeled it out so that it would fit over the neck piece.  Because his head was too small, I trimmed down those neck muscles and tapered his neck up to meet his head.  It's still a bit small, but looks much better.  And it kept it's articluation. 

Then, I filled in the gaps with contour putty (the gaps are very, very small if you cut the arms and waist right), and gave the chest and back a coat of contour putty to fill in some of that textured skin he has.  Then I made his cloak from Crayola Model Magic, and added wings from a TJ Hawkman figure. 

Then, after he dried, he was sanded and Chip began painting the figure.  He used several coats of many differnt colors, using both washes and drybrushing, to get a rather nice effect. 

Finally, we displayed him with the flaming sword from a light-up Nightcrawler. 

Parts Used:
Body: 2 Mummies Alive figures (Ja-Kal and Evil Shabti Trooper)
Head: Dr. Strange
Wings: Hawkman
Sword: Light-up Nightcrawler
Sash: Model Magic
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