by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
This Lois figure was quite possibly one of the most difficult and most rewarding figures I've made.  While looking through spare parts one day, I happened across the Robot Wars Jubilee head (who's hair had been used for Wonder Girl), and I noticed that it had a strong resemblance to Lois Lane.  If I was seriously going to consider making a Lois figure, I'd have to find the right body.  Luckily, right there in my parts box sat a headless Ilia.  She lacked much detail in the legs, which would make her a great animated base figure, and she was already wearing a skirt-like thing which I thought could easily be modified.

Was I wrong or what.  What I had to do to be happy with this figure was basically dremel down quite a bit off of Ilia's dress, and then I rebuilt her outfit using Super Sculpey.

Then I had to decide what to do with the legs.  As Ilia, she stood crooked and I wanted to fix that, so I cut her legs off at the bottom of her skirt.  I also wanted to shorten her a bit, so I took a few millimeters off the top of the legs before gluing them back.  I found that that crooked pose was about the only one those legs could stand in without further modification (something I wasn't prepared to do), but at least I was able to get her to stand up better than the original Ilia figure did.

I made her hair using Super Sculpey.  Chip helped quite a bit in getting the hairline right.  We had to watch a few Superman cartoons in slow motion while sculpting in order to be happy with the final results.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Star Trek Ilia body
Head: Robot Wars Jubilee
Hair & Skirt: Super Sculpey
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