by Davy Stone
The first of the Young Justice girl's came about for two reasons: 1) our friend Brandon constantly asking when we were going to make a Wonder Girl to go with the YJ guys; and 2) Jamie Bramble telling me (while I was working on my TJ Ray) that X-Man's jacket came off.  When Chip saw that the jacket looked like a vest off of the figure, he immediately realized that we had an easy start for Wonder Girl (he's got a good eye for base parts, that boy).  In fact, the very same X-Man also had kneepads, so it was made even easier.

After looking at Charlie Jackam's original Wonder Girl at the Teen Titans group project, I added some sculpey to her hips to give her more of a figure, even though it gets covered by the vest.  I also added sculpey to make tennis shoes.  Wonder Girl's costume is strange in that she mostly wears everyday clothes.  In fact, I don't think she's ever worn this particular combination, but she's worn each piece at one time or another.  I think it's kinda cool that when she started hero-ing, she used to wear mix-and-match regular clothes as her costume.

I originally sculpted hair myself, but I was never happy with it -- hair is something I have trouble with.  Fortunately, I remembered that Robot Wars Jubilee had a haircut similar to WG (hey, maybe I've got the base-figure eye, too).  I think she looks much better with a hair swap.  To maintain the same level of quality, I've decided to do similar hair swaps for the rest of the YJ ladies, which will be made shortly.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Crime Fighter Robin
Vest and kneepads: X-Man
Hair: Robot Wars Jubilee
Shoes & goggles: Sculpey
Glove cuffs and socks: Rubber bands
Links in this table will connect you to customs made from other parts of same figure.

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