by Davy Stone
When I was but a wee lad, the only Star Trek action figure I owned was of Lt. Ilia.  I still have it, and it's wonderful, but now that I customize I wanted one something more along the lines of the Playmates size.  After all, it would just be a simple headswap/repaint, right?

Wrong.  First, the original Lt. Ilia action figure is actually colored differently than she ever appears in the movie, and she has a skirt-like waist to her top which I've not seen anywhere else.  So I encountered a dilemma -- should I customize the character just as she had appeared in the movie, or as she appeared on my worn-out action figure from the 70s?  So far, I've gone with a mix of the two outfits.  I liked the grey/white combo on the old figure, but I didn't try to add that waist-thing.  I'm not finished with this figure, although for the time being, she'll not do much changing because I'm satisfied with it for now.

Parts Used:
Base figure: TMP Uhura
Head: ST Ilia
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