by Davy Stone
I've known for some time that I wanted a Guardian to go with my planned Green Lantern Corps, but I didn't realize that I'd get to him so soon.  But after a friend introduced me to Super Sculpey and told me where I could buy it locally, I knew I had to sculpt something.  That stuff holds its shape so much better than the Sculpey III I've been getting at WalMart.  

Anyway, I'd had the base for his body sitting around for a while, and since it was without a head, I decided to play around and see just how I could get the head to look.  Well, it wasn't long before I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  

I sculpted the head onto a heavy-duty twist tie (the kind that Hasbro uses to torture folks who open their toys).  First, I just sculpted a basic head-shape, and after I'd baked that, then I went back and put the hair and ears on.  

Then, using my dremel, I cut the bottom inch off the Frollo figure.  Fortunately, this cut exposed the interior cavity of the figure, and I was able to fish the twist-tie through the neck hole (which was left empty when we removed the head and gave it to Alfred).  I tied the twist-ties around some of the internal supports to secure the head.  I used a pair of pliers to make sure the twist-ties were tight, guaranteeing that the head would sit as close to the neck as possible.  This also means that the head is articulated.  

When looking at control art, I decided the Frollo figure very closely resembled the Guardian from the Superman cartoon "In Brightest Day," so I took the head back off and did more dremelling to finish out those details.

Then, I just re-attached the head and painted the figure, and  voila, a Guardian.  Sure, my GLC might cross multiple continuities, but I don't mind.  I live in Hypertime anyway.

Parts Used:
Base figure:

Hunchback's Frollo

Head: Super Sculpey
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