by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
Alfred was another custom inspired by someone else.  Charlie Jackam used the same head, & Ken Goach used the body, but I can't remember who, if anyone, has put them together.  Anyway, we are very happy with this figure, especially since it was so little work:  just a headswap, a little dremeling on the hair, a little plumber's putty to fill out the cheeks, and then repainting the head.

Interestingly, I just saw that Hasbro is FINALLY putting out a real Alfred figure.  About friggin' time, but too, too late for me.  I may not get the official version since, like I said, I'm quite happy with this one.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Paris Elegance Dimitri
Head: Hunchback's Frollo
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