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Betsy Shoenfelt, Ph.D.
WKU Psychology  




Dr. Shoenfelt has increased employee effectiveness in a variety of organizations. She has conducted job analyses and developed selection programs, performance appraisal systems, and training programs for managerial and line positions.

Dr. Shoenfelt has worked with numerous organizations to develop sexual harassment policies and to conduct training for managers, supervisors, and line employees in the prevention and resolution of sexual harassment complaints. In addition, Dr. Shoenfelt has served as an expert witness in federal court cases involving sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Dr. Shoenfelt has developed organizational assessment instruments and analyzed survey data to measure employee attitudes and customer satisfaction for a number of organizations.

Specific applications include:

  • Behavioral Safety Programs for GTE
  • Job analyses for the Drackett Company
  • Pre-employment physical abilities tests for the Exxon Baton Rouge Refinery.
  • Training programs in Organizational Change, Performance Appraisal and Team Building for companies such as the Weyerhaeuser Company, the Kendall Company, Camping World, Batesville Casket, and Emerson Electric.

Enhancing Performance in Government and Education
Enhancing Performance in Sports