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Behavior Modification Course Links

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Course Information

tiny cat bulletSample Course Syllabus ( This is a sample syllabus to give you an idea of course requirements and structure. The genuine syllabus will be made available on the first day of class.

tiny cat bullet Sample Internet Policies for Courses ( This is a sample of the policies I follow with regard to portions of the class conducted on-line. The genuine policies will be made available on the Blackboard website below.

tiny cat bullet "Blackboard" class login. ( Once the semester begins you will be automatically enrolled and have a personal start page (My Blackboard) from which you can access the Psy 443 site. (Late enrollees may experience a delay). The login page explains your id and password. There are all kinds of goodies here for you. A discussion board and chat room (under Communications). Build your own web page or update your password (Under Student Tools). Find links to journals that have at least some information on line (Web Sites). And get a new copy of the Syllabus (Syllabus). Key course materials are at this site. There is some redundancy with links located on the page you are currently viewing. The Blackboard site is more complete, however, as this is a public page for anyone and the Blackboard site is just for enrolled students.

tiny cat bullet Basic Assumptions of Behavior Modification (

tiny cat bullet How do I find journal articles for my project? (

tiny cat bullet Project Evaluation Sheet ( This is a generic sample. You can obtain my actual grading sheet within the Blackboard site.

tiny cat bullet Behavior Modification Program Steps (

tiny cat bullet Identifying Behavior (

tiny cat bullet Understanding Consequences: Reinforcers (

tiny cat bullet A "Game" to Help You Understand Consequences (

tiny cat bulletExample of Cat Shaping by instructor-- Requires Windows Media Player. (

Student Aids

tiny cat bullet A Guide for Writing Papers APA Style (

tiny cat bulletUsing APA Format (

tiny cat bullet Tips for Note-taking (

tiny cat bullet Tips for Studying (

tiny cat bullet Tips for Taking Exams (

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Behavior Modification Links


tiny cat bulletBehavior Therapy (

tiny cat bullet Welcome to Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior (

tiny cat bullet Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (

tiny cat bullet Behavioral Analysis listserv (email discussion group) ( May not be operational. I'll leave it around for awhile longer.

tiny cat bullet Twin Oaks ( This is the community originally inspired by Skinner's book, Walden Two. Has an interesting section discussing Walden Two.

tiny cat bullet Communidad los Horcones ( Another community founded on the principles of behaviorism.

tiny cat bullet American Dog Training Network (
tiny cat bullet Positive Reinforcement: A Self-Instructional Exercise (
tiny cat bullet Negative Reinforcement game and information. You need Shockwave (directions are available in a link) (
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Commercial Examples of Behavior Modification

This is not an endorsement of these programs. I just selected some that could serve as examples (good and bad) of behavior modification programs. You need to evaluate their quality for yourself.

tiny cat bullet SOS Help for Parents (A book written by Dr. Lynn Clark, on the faculty at WKU). (

tiny cat bullet A teen residential program reporting that it uses a behavior management program (

tiny cat bullet The same company as above, another program (

tiny cat bullet Take Off Pounds Sensibly organization (

tiny cat bullet Smoking cessation program. Notice the baseline phase. (

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