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Psy 440/G: Abnormal Psychology

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Course Information.

tiny mouse buttonInternational Media ( One of the course papers has you locate articles on a disorder or mental health issue and learn how those in other countries deal with that disorder. This website is used in that assignment.

tiny mouse buttonSee TopNet in a recent prior term for a sample of my syllabus or write and ask me for one so you can see my latest style.

tiny mouse buttonTry your hand at diagnosis and other skills of abnormal psychology (diagnosis)

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Links to Helpful Tools

tiny mouse button The Son of Citation web site (

tiny mouse buttonAPA Style Primer (apastyl.htm)

tiny mouse button Tips for Note-taking (notetkg.htm)

tiny mouse button Tips for Studying (study.htm)

tiny mouse button Tips for Taking Exams (examtkg.htm)

tiny mouse button American Psychological Association (

tiny mouse button Association for Psychological Science (

tiny mouse buttonPsych Central: Usenet, Internet, mailing lists, etc. (

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Psy 440
For My Students | Admin/Research | Psychology | WKU 

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