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Enrollment in 300 and 400 level courses in the College of Business Administration is limited to students who have a minimum of 60 completed hours. Students who have earned less than 60 earned credit hours may be allowed to enroll in upper division business classes under certain circumstances. These matters are handled through an appeal process by the Dean's office. Students who have not undertaken the proper procedures and are not eligible for upper-division courses will be DROPPED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION AT THE END OF THE SECOND WEEK OF CLASS by the Dean's office.


This course will be taught with a rather informal approach. Your participation is absolutely required for maximum results! Students may speak openly and freely to the subject matter under discussion. While adhering to the common sense rule of reasonableness and tact, expressions of differing viewpoints are also highly encouraged.

This is a totally "hands-on" "experiential" course! We do not even use a textbook! Throughout the semester, we will be using the computer in the classroom to illustrate numerous actual firms employing (or failing to employ) many of the concepts and strategies discussed. These examples are important and should be noted and remembered as they help bring out more clearly salient points. In addition, such topics as the commercialization of pornography on the Internet may be discussed. Such topics shall be dealt with in an adult, intellectual manner. However, if such discussions are likely to offend you, it is advisable that you take a different course.


Grades are EARNED by participating in class discussions, doing the various homework assignments to be handed in, either in hard copy or email form or both as required, and graded, and doing any additional assignments as may be assigned from time to time. We will be using the computer, of course, extensively! However, there will be no exams!

We will be using the computer nearly every day, both in and out of the classroom. You are expected to be reasonably computer literate. If you do not know how to use a computer or how to surf the web or send email, then, this is not the course for you. To reiterate, there will be several computer-related assignments throughout the course. Therefore, you are expected to have an email account established and be fully familiar with how to use email and access the Internet either with your own computer or by using the computers available to you in the various university facilities, e.g. labs, library, etc. Both email and various World Wide Web (www) related functions will be used throughout this course extensively. If you are not computer-proficient, you will have a difficult time with this course and are advised to take it at a later time when you have acquired greater computer literacy.

I make a sincere effort to get to know you, and I have discovered that email really helps me to accomplish that objective especially well. That is the central objective of your first email assignment, email.1 (see description accompanying the syllabus and introductory materials). Therefore, if you have any questions or anything you would like to take up with me, I invite you to send me an email post. I check my email, normally, several times each day.

The total possible points are dependent upon the number of homework projects assigned throughout the semester and any in-class exercises we have, including quizzes, that are graded. Various assignments will have different point values, depending upon the complexity and work involved (see the Daily Assignments accompanying the syllabus and other introductory materials for full details of all assignments, including their related due dates and point values). For example, you will be given such assignments as:

  1. An email assignment, introducing yourself
  2. An assignment to subscribe to our WKUInternetMarketing list serve
  3. Submit two possible web marketing venture ideas for your major semester project
  4. Create and publish your own resume to the web
  5. Design and publish your own commercial web site to the WWW
  6. Create your own e-zine or newsletter
  7. Submit the best {A} free and {B} most cost efficient web hosts you can find on the web
  8. Set up your own autoresponder
  9. A major term project wherein you will develop an entire Internet marketing plan of action for a product/service of your choosing.

  A                  90
  B                  80
  C                  70
  D                  60
  F                <60

For an example, if the total number of points possible for all graded activities and projects throughout the semester is 500, then, to earn an A, you would need a minimum of 450 points; for a B, you would need 400, etc.


No assignments turned in will be returned! You should ALWAYS make a copy of your assignments before you turn them in. If you want a copy, and again, you should always keep a copy, then, you must make the copy before you turn the assignment in. Once the assignment is turned in to me, it will not be available for making copies. Note: I have been forced to adopt this policy because of some prior questionable behavior on the part of a few unethical students. However, any time you wish to see or discuss an assignment, contact me, and arrangements will be made to meet and go over anything you wish to review or discuss. Actually, the 1 on 1 approach is more educational and constructive.


I take a very negative view toward students who miss class or attempt to hand assignments in late! Your participation in classroom activities is very important. Every class session we will be presenting "real world" information to you using the computer, often connected directly to the web through the network connection in our classroom or we will be giving reports, sharing important information, having guest speakers, etc. While, technically, class attendance is not required, it is strongly encouraged. To reinforce this point, those who are in class and thus participate in our in-class activities will, undoubtedly, do better, probably much better, in the course. I have been known to award points, on occasions, to those persons who are in class for their participation or simply for being there.

IMPORTANT:   I will not accept any late assignments, regardless of the reason. All assignments due must be submitted on or before the designated date and time. Otherwise, it will not be accepted, regardless of the circumstances!

You are young adults, and attending class is your decision and responsibility, but it will definitely make a difference in your final semester grade. Your regular participation is vital to the success of this course. This class is most interesting when everyone freely shares his/her views!


As previously stated, we will be using the computer extensively in this class for email exchanges and "surfing the 'net." If you do not already have some way of sending and receiving email and surfing the net, e.g. an account on the university's computer system, then, you will be required to establish such an account immediately for the purpose of participating in the assigned computer exercises, to exchange email with me, and to give me feedback concerning the class. It costs nothing to establish a university email account and is very easy to do. You are strongly encouraged to communicate with me using email. It is actually a lot of fun! If you have a question, a comment on the class, a suggestion, complaint or if you just want to chat, I can be reached by email.

My email address

I check my email several times each day, including weekends, which allows you to write me an email message; I can answer it, and you can read it, at both your and my convenience.


It is truly my sincere desire that we all have a good and fun semester. I have planned the course out to include a variety of hopefully interesting exercises and activities. For instance, in addition to the above listed exciting assignments, there will also be several computer activities where you will be having fun surfing the net and simply reporting back your observations. You will be checking out some really totally kool sites!

The one most important thing that will make this class an especially successful and fun experience is YOUR PARTICIPATION!

REMEMBER:  as trite as it may sound, YOU WILL GET OUT OF THIS COURSE EXACTLY THE AMOUNT YOU PUT INTO IT! I cannot open your head and spoon in the knowledge; YOU HAVE TO OPEN UP YOUR OWN MIND AND ABSORB IT!!

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