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Enrollment in 300 and 400 level courses in the College of Business Administration is limited to students who have a minimum of 60 completed hours. Students who have earned less than 60 earned credit hours may be allowed to enroll in upper division business classes under certain circumstances. These matters are handled through an appeal process by the Dean's office. Students who have not undertaken the proper procedures and are not eligible for upper-division courses will be DROPPED WITHOUT NOTIFICATION AT THE END OF THE SECOND WEEK OF CLASS by the Dean's office.


This course builds on the principles and qualities which inspire sales excellence. Therefore, the course is structured to accomplish three major objectives:

  1. To introduce the "relationship" or "partnership" sales approach.
  2. To provide the basic selling tools to the student in such a manner that the novice salesperson will understand what sales strategy or method to use in a given situation, how to use that strategy or method and the theoretical background which supports the reason for choosing that particular approach.
  3. To provide a structure by which a salesperson can reinforce, reevaluate, and restructure sales techniques in a continuing effort to improve selling effectiveness . This will include hands-on experience with the most contemporary methods, including computer applications and using the "internet."


This course uses an applied theory approach and emphasis relationship development for career growth. Although the subject is addressed from a pragmatic, how-to point of view, we will not sacrifice the behavior theories which support the application of the selling tools. We will address the issues that you may face when looking at employment in the area of sales. The approach I will use assumes no prior knowledge or experience with selling. Thus, the material is presented in a simple, straightforward manner. Numerous real-life examples will be provided.

In the past, the competitive spirit of the sales arena often made prospects wary of a salespersons presentation, since the customers commonly felt that if the salesperson won by selling, they would lose by being persuaded to buy. With today's contemporary approach to selling, the salesperson has the clients' needs as the uppermost reason for selling. This approach is called "RELATIONSHIP" or "PARTNERSHIP" SELLING! The salesperson wins because satisfied clients bestow their future trust back with the same salesperson. The clients, then, win because the salesperson is genuinely dedicated to serving their needs and creatively solving their problems.

With this strategic approach in mind, the course will be taught in a rather informal manner. Your participation is highly encouraged. Students may speak openly and freely to the subject matter under discussion. While adhering to the common sense rule of reasonableness and tact, expressions of differing viewpoints are also highly encouraged.

It is assumed that each of you is reasonably intelligent, certainly capable of reading and understanding your own text and other assignments. Therefore, I shall not insult you by spoon feeding you directly from the book. Lectures may, at times, differ substantially from the text, though staying on the general topic assigned. It is your responsibility, as part of the learning process, to synthesize the notes taken in class with the material in the book. It is important you understand that your final semester grade in this course will positively reflect your comprehension and ability to apply both text and classroom material.

The first half of the semester will be preparation for the second half. That is, I plan to conduct the class very much like an industrial sales training program. From the beginning of the semester until approximately mid-semester, we will concentrate on the textbook, related classroom discussions and mini role playing exercises to familiarize you with the fundamentals of successful professional selling. Then, we will begin our full length "role playing exercises" in the form of actual "in class sales presentations."

This method of instruction is called Behavioral Modeling. It is the latest sales training method used in the "real business world" and has proved to be one of the very best approaches for learning "applied" subjects such as professional selling.


We will be doing some practice experiential exercises in class. In addition, you will each have the opportunity to give one complete in-class sales presentation. You can sell either a tangible product or a service. However, IT MUST BE AN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT OR SERVICE! That is, your sales presentation must be directed toward the commercial or industrial market, not the consumer market. This also means it should not be a consumer product or service that is being sold to a retailer for resale. You could, for instance, sell a complete turn-key business opportunity, an advertising concept, etc. If you have a problem coming up with something, I will help you. I especially like industrial products and services such as computer hardware, software, and/or peripherals, office equipment, manufacturing systems and equipment, water or air filtration systems, communications equipment, banking services, business opportunities, investment opportunities, market research services, on-line computer services, data base services, etc. This list is not at all to be considered inclusive; it is simply to give you some ideas. Again, if you have any trouble coming up with a product or service idea, come and see me .

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