Welcome to the Johnson Lab Homepage at WKU
About the Lab
Research in our lab uses field and laboratory experimentation in conjunction with molecular genetic tools to understand local adaptation, speciation, and gene flow using amphibian species as models. Recent work includes the development of SNP resources, planned breeding crosses, and cattle tank mesocosm experiments to elucidate patterns of evolution in a hybrid zone. We also use microsatellite loci and GIS to investigate patterns of gene flow in a landscape genetic framework.
Interested in joining the lab? Are you an undergraduate at WKU looking for research experience in the field or the lab? Are you finishing your undergraduate degree at another institution? We welcome motivated students with an interest in herpetological systems, conservation biology, population biology, or evolutionary ecology. Molecular laboratory skills are a plus, but not a requirement!
How to apply
Instructions on how to apply for a position in my lab can be found on the Biology Department Webpage. Click here!