Total Justice -- The first real line of DC action figures since the well-loved Super Powers line, Total Justice initially debuted as a Batman-oriented line featuring several first-string DC superheroes, along with one super villain per wave. 

While many fans applauded the effort, many others were not very happy with highly overly-detailed Image comics-styled muscles, sometimes strange battle poses, and even stranger facial grimaces.  Many more were unhappy with the "fractal techgear" accessories which bordered on nonsense (why not just make a power battery, for god's sake?). 

But even with poor accessories and abundant constipation, it was simply awesome to see the JLA in  toy stores again.  In all, 13 figures in three waves were produced before the line was cancelled in 1997. 

Fortunately in 1998 the line was revived as a Diamond Comics and KB Toys exclusive repaint series.  The packaging received a redeco, as well, and the revived line went by the more appropriate name JLA.  Kenner made several "new" figures for KB and later other toy stores, reusing old body parts sometimes combined with new or resculpted pieces.  

The Atom


Black Canary

Blue Beetle

Blue Devil

Booster Gold

Captain Atom

Captain Marvel

Deathstroke, the Terminator


Jesse Quick

J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter



Plastic Man


The Ray

Red Tornado

Silver Banshee


Tomorrow Woman


Total Justice vs Toy Biz's Marvel as Custom Fodder

Sure, there are people who are more anal than me when it comes to customizing scale, but I almost always try my best to keep things in proper style or scale.  But the way I see things, there are more than a few toys in the various Toy Biz line that easily fit the TJ size and scale.  As long as the figure seems to maintain consistancy with the other figures in my collection, I'm perfectly fine with it. 

Of course, I realize that there are also many Toy Biz figures that are NOT in the TJ style or scale.  Toy Biz has a problem with scale consistency, even within their own lines (although they've gotten much better at this as of late).  Another difference is that Toy Biz figures tend to be more articulated than TJ figures.  While I am fairly anal when it comes to scale (well, except for my Blue Devil:-), I won't let over-articulation stop me from using a figure for a custom, nor will I sacrifice articulation unless absolutely necessary.

So don't be confused when you see Toy Biz base figures in this section.  I don't discriminate against base figures based on line of origin -- any that'll serve my purpose is in danger of getting cut, dremelled, sanded and painted. 

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