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Hulme, Frederick Edward (England 1841-1909)
natural history, art & illustration

Hulme pursued an unusual career line that wedded his strong amateur's interest in natural history to an art, illustration and writing livelihood supported by his association with various colleges and other institutions. His best known works are probably the book Natural History, Lore and Legend, and his series of volumes entitled Familiar Wild Flowers. Hulme also wrote on a number of antiquarian subjects.

Life Chronology

--born in Hanley, Staffordshire, England, on 29 or 30 March 1841.
--1844: moves to London
--1858: begins studying art at South Kensington
--1869: made a fellow of the Linnean Society
--1870: hired as art and drawing master, Marlborough College
--1878-1884: serially publishes his Familiar Wild Flowers
--1879-1897: illustrates Familiar Garden Flowers by Shirley Hibberd
--1880: illustrates Sylvan Spring by F. G. Heath
--1881: publishes his The Town, College, and Neighbourhood of Marlborough
--1885: appointed lecturer to the Architectural Association in London
--1886: made professor of geometrical drawing at King's College
--1891: publishes his The History, Principles and Practice of Symbolism in Christian Art
--1895: publishes his Natural History, Lore and Legend
--1896: made professor of geometrical and freehand drawing at King's College
--1908: publishes his Familiar Swiss Flowers
--dies at Kew, England, on 11 April 1909.

For Additional Information, See:

--Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 28 (2004).

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